Tips in Restoring the Beauty of Your Teak Outdoor Furniture


One of the wonderful features of owning teak furniture is the minimal maintenance it needs. Not only that, but if you have older teak wood furniture, you can restore it to its elegant beauty in a simple way. The new teak furniture is golden brown. As it ages, the color will eventually turn silver gray to greenish. Some people love its natural, aged color while others prefer to return it to its earthy brown color. Here are some tips on how to restore the beauty of your teak outdoor furniture.

1. Always start by cleaning your outdoor teak furniture. Over the months and years, dust, grease and dirt would have penetrated your wonderful furniture. Before you can restore the original beauty, you must gently clean the surfaces with a mixture of mild detergent and water. With a soft bristle brush, rub the greyish stain that has developed. If the furniture has only a few months, it is very likely that this is the only process you need to do to bring it back to its original color. If what you have is decades old, you may need a fine-grained sandpaper to remove the thin layer of patina with the help of a chemical cleaner. Gently sand the old tarnish but make sure you do not create a cavity on the wood.

2. The next thing you need to do is restore the teak wood to its original finish with the use of teak oil. This can be purchased at hardware stores or furniture stores. Apply teak oil on well polished wood and you will be surprised to see its original beauty once again. Although teak oil is effective at restoring old teak oil, it does not protect your teak outdoor furniture from becoming gray when exposed to extreme weather conditions. For this reason, most homeowners make it a point to regularly apply teak oil on their furniture regularly.

3. After cleaning and restoring your teak furniture, you will definitely want it to retain its beauty as long as possible. The only way to do this is to protect as much as possible your outdoor teak furniture against the outside elements. Some people willingly invest in waterproof blankets that protect their furniture from the rain and the effects of drying and fading of the sun. Some people who have large spaces to store their outdoor furniture during the winter move their devices to protect them from rain and snow. This furniture cover is essential if you do not have available space and you have no choice but to leave your furniture outside.

Although outdoor teak furniture is well known for its durability and beauty, like all other things, you need to take a step further to keep it at its best. The simple restoration steps that involve cleaning, brushing and stripping the tarnish that has collected all these years are worth it. In addition, regular application of teak oil based on linseed oil or tung oil can maintain its brightness and shine despite the age of teak wood . Even with continuous exposure to extreme weather conditions, you can be sure that your teak furniture will stay beautiful.


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