Tips On Shaving Your Pubic Hair


There are many reasons for a woman to want to shave pubic hair. She may want to do it because summer is coming and she plans to spend time on the beach. Perhaps she would like to present a different image to her partner in order to bring back a little spice in their relationship. Or maybe it just feels the need to be free of hair all over the body. Whatever the reasons, it should be done in a systematic way.


First, she must prepare the area where she will perform this specific operation. If she must be in the bathroom, she must place a hair trap on the exit, so as to catch all the hair and other debris that goes there. Then she should collect the items she will need. One of the main elements is a good pair of scissors, especially for cutting in difficult places. She will need her personal razor, the one she uses often, and what operation she knows best. If she normally uses cream or shaving gel, she should also be placed with the rest of the items. She should be aware that the best shaving creams and gels are often the most expensive, and she might consider buying one.


The size of excess hair in the pubic area is an important first task because it facilitates shaving. Trimming the long and uneven hairs – so that they are shorter and more even will be less discomfort, thus allowing the person doing the shaving to know exactly where to place the razor for maximum effect.


After the initial preparations are complete and the trimming done, it's time to shave. The cream or gel should be spread slightly over the area, so as not to mask or cover the short hairs. After a minute or two, the razor should be moved to the shaving area. This should be done consistently in one direction first, then in another, so as to get the hair that sometimes grows in a direction of contradiction. For maximum effect, the razor must be pulled in several directions, so as to catch all the hairs that come and go. Then the area should be dried out and a little moisturizer should be applied to soothe any irritated skin.


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