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For many women, visiting the beauty salon regularly an important part of their beauty routine. Whether you're planning a great event or simply keeping your look everyday, you can count on a professional for cuts, colorings, rashes and more. But when it comes to tipping, you can still feel intimidated or uncertain, even if you have been visiting the same living room for years – and this anxiety is magnified only when you visit a new stylist or different for the first time. Everyone knows that tips are needed, but few understand these "unwritten rules" of the beauty business. Here's a helpful introduction to how to tip the salons:

  1. First, find out when the salon has a non-tipping policy. They may be rare, but they exist, and you do not want to make a faux pas just by offering money to your stylist! If such a policy is in place, it must be said on the beauty salon website; If in doubt, you can ask at the reception. However, if the lounge is not immediately available with the information, it is a safe bet that the tip is required.
  2. The standard rate to tip your stylist is between 15 and 20% before taxes are added. Although you do not want to go below 15%, you can go beyond 20 if you do an exceptional job or if the procedure took a lot of time.
  3. Regarding who you should tip, the stylist always comes first. You do not want to leave the living room without sliding a little something more! You do not need to tip the receptionist or the person who brings you a drink. However, both the shampoo and the person who dries your hair should be tilted; Generally, you can expect to give about $ 5 to the shower and $ 10 to the hair dryer.
  4. If tip envelopes are provided, they should be used. Write your name and the intended recipient's name on the outside, but never the dollar amount of the tip contained inside. If no envelope is provided, you do not need to bring your own; money alone should be good.
  5. Tipping can either be left at the front desk (make sure to tell the receptionist who is the recipient) or delivered directly to the recipient.
  6. The tip of the owner may be a little uncertain; While it is customary to at least tip as you would any other stylist, many homeowners will not tip in all circumstances. To avoid confusion, ask the receptionist where the owner accepts tips or not in advance.
  7. Holiday bonuses are generally welcome, but may not be necessary. It all depends on your level of familiarity with your stylist. If you choose to give it something extra for the holidays, the money is always welcome, although a thoughtful gift suited to their interests is also acceptable.


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