Tips to Look Younger


Almost all women want to be young at all times. Most of them strive to be beautiful and young forever. Mentioned below are some tips for women who want to look young:

A woman should not apply base cream before putting powder, because a woman appears pale and unhealthy instead of To show a clear complexion.

Powder foundation should be avoided if possible because it is found in the wrinkles of the skin and wrinkles are clearly visible.

Avoid sparkling eye shadows. The glittering eyeshadow when applied does not enhance the natural beauty of the face. Dark eye shadows bring a pale and dull look to the face, so it is advisable not to use it.

Black eyeliners do not inspire the look of a woman as they appear as two lines on the eyes. Do not use false color liner as it does not hide any defects under your eyes.

Do not rub your eyebrows because the very thin eyebrows make you look old. Make sure the cosmetics you use are neither too dark nor too bright. Make sure the makeup is not between the furrows and folds of your face. Do not put the lipstick in focus as it will sometimes make you look like a clown.

Follow the advice above and look young and handsome.


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