Top 10 Benefits of Male Chastity


Many people find the concept of male chastity fun and exciting. This is especially true if the male partner is somewhat submissive or if the female partner is somewhat dominant. But, this is not just for couples in this kind of relationships. In fact, this can benefit almost all heterosexual relationships.

Male chastity is not just a matter of fun and games – the lifestyle of male chastity has real benefits.

Because the subject is so personal, often those who are interested fear ridicule and embarrassment, many of their questions are not asked. Just check out a forum or two where someone dared to ask a question about male chastity … "weirdo, whack job, pervert, sicko …" are often the nasty comments returned. It is a personal choice in life, as anything else and can be discussed reasonably as anything else. That 's why I want to take a little time today to write about the top 10 benefits of male chastity – for those who are embarrassed to ask to be under the key of the male' s. love.

This prevents your man from wasting his time and libido to masturbate. If you are in a relationship, all of your sexual energy should be directed toward you. He should not be wasted on touching himself and thinking of other women. As long as he can masturbate, he fools you psychologically – and you lie by default.

2. Your sex life is going to improve. Because he will have to please you to get his release, he will become a more experimental and better lover. You will have more orgasms a week than you have ever had before.

3. Your relationship will become stronger. Male chastity encourages open and honest communication about the needs of everyone. This is an incredible benefit for any couple, and why male chastity can help any couple to improve their natural bond.

4. Her orgasms will improve. As long as he can masturbate regularly, he takes action that desensitizes his penis. Once he has a more normal ejaculation schedule, his penis will become more sensitive and his orgasms will become stronger.

5. You will never have to worry about him cheating on you. Face it – most men, no matter how much they love their wives, can not refuse an attractive and sexy woman. Male chastity makes it impossible for him to act on these impulses, so you help him to stay faithful.

6. Romance will come back in your relationship. As long as he knows that he can sleep with you when he wants, there is no reason for him to romance you. That's why romance has stopped after your wedding. By limiting his sexual access to you, you will train him to be the romantic lover that he was when you were still in a relationship.

7. You'll never have to give him a blowjob again. Of course, you can if you wish; but he will be very happy with any kind of liberation, and will certainly never disturb you to do it for him.

8. Your friends will congratulate you for your wonderful caring husband. They will be so jealous of your strong and committed relationship.

9. It will become much more useful around the house. Knowing that the only way he can get the release his body craves is to please you, he will volunteer to do the dishes, clean the bathroom and make the bed every morning. It will not be nice?

10. He will feel better about himself. Most men are ashamed to masturbate so often (usually seven to fifteen times a week!). But, they are slaves to their libido and can not help themselves. It's an addiction. Most of the time, they feel like little boys who can not control themselves. Once he is no longer able to give in to the temptation to masturbate, he will feel proud of his self-control and behave more like an adult man who frees his sexuality in his wife, instead of s & # 39; 39, evacuating in the shower [19659002Howeverthemain10featuresofthedifferenceofthetabletheemasculinHoweverassthistoryofthemescannotbeforalltheworld-manyfindsareforthwiththesolutionforrelationshipofthelayingandbirthfilling!


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