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Unless you escape to a deserted island for the entire month of December, Christmas shopping is virtually inevitable, but if your local stores are not going to cut it this year (and you do not want to rely on the post office! ), so why not use our guide to get to the best stores in the UK? Pre-Christmas sales are not uncommon now so look for bargains.

1. Oxford Street, London

Forty million consumers who make their annual pilgrimage of Christmas every year can not go wrong. People come for the lights, the two mile stretch of 300+ stores, the extensive ranges in many international flagship stores and the massive amount of choice (Selfridges, Top Shop, Nike Town, John Lewis, the list goes on). Although they probably do not come for the crowds. Oxford Street is one of London's major tourist attractions and is still one of the world's most popular shopping destinations.

2. Manchester

The second unofficial city of England has the advantage over many of its rivals. Not to mention The Arndale Center, this city is a shopper's paradise and is full of small niche retailers, vintage / retro shops and shabby chic / boho stores with an original Mancunian style. Perfect if you really have chosen Christmas shopping ideas – just remember to pack the umbrella!

3. Brighton & Hove

Even though it's a small town, Brighton & Hove is prominently on the list because of its incredibly diverse range of boutiques ranging from chic boutiques, unique contemporary fashions, and antiques to art and jewelry. The most bohemian and fashionable stores are located in North Laines of Brighton. Stroll along half a mile square of streets and alleys by buying kitsch from the 50s and 60s, lifestyle products or French reproduction furniture, then stop for a mung burger in the kitchen. One of the many health and vegetarian restaurants. Designer bargains must be found in the Brighton Marina and the name department stores are located in Churchill Square.

4. Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a very aesthetic shopping place and is often considered one of the most beautiful cities in Britain. People brave the cold to come here and see the sites as well as do their Christmas shopping. The locals take the style and consumerism very seriously and in addition to being packed with designer names (Stella McCartney, Louis Vuitton, Prada, etc.), there are many small, trendy and trendy boutiques.

5. Birmingham

The second official city of England should not disappoint, it is the buyers, it is a place easier to take than most stores located in the new Bull Ring and New Street. Brummies love trendy designer labels, but they also like a good deal. They also love the unusual architecture (the futuristic Selfridges building of £ 40 million is worth coming to Birmingham to see in itself although, that said, this is not to everyone's taste!). In addition to all the major street stores, including Harvey Nichols and House of Fraser, the well-known jewelry district should sort you out with all your bling!

6. Spitalfields Market, London

Ok, that would be the alternative choice, but if you're fed up with the same old stuff in all the usual department stores then the Spitalfields market with its eclectic range of stands – lots with original designs – is definitely worth a visit. Buy your cool cousin an original leather satchel, your mom a vintage brooch, your nephew or nephew a fashionable babygrow print or just grab a slice of Christmas cake without wheat.

7. Newcastle

If you like your shopping experience on a very large scale then this would definitely be the place to visit. The huge Metrocentre is probably the reason why most people go to Newcastle for shopping because it is one of the largest shopping and leisure centers in Europe. The Northeast also has a penchant for original designs, as well as the usual department stores, there is also a large selection of independent shops and a popular arts and crafts market every Sunday on the Armstrong Bridge in Jesmond.

8. Bath

If you are looking for the ultimate English Christmas experience, look no further than Bath. With its large Georgian streets, Roman baths and magnificent abbey, Bath is very easy to see and even the most demanding guests are satisfied. In addition to all the familiar department stores, the city offers a wide range of independent shops and elegant boutiques and a well-organized Christmas market from November 26 to December 6, 2009.

9. Dublin

Ok, it's not in the UK, but Dublin is a fun and vibrant city and would make an excellent choice for an easily accessible Christmas shopping destination. It's a very compact city with all the shops within walking distance and most of the shops centered around the Grafton pedestrian street (shops towards the upscale market) and the St. Stephens Green shopping center (the shops usual of the street). After finishing there, head to Temple Bar for the trendiest and most unusual clothing, music, and art stores (and probably also a pint of Guinness).

10. Cardiff

Even if you're not looking for a rugby jersey or a Welsh Love spoon, do not miss Cardiff as a Christmas destination. Cardiff is a very friendly city and is now one of the country's best shops thanks to the new St. David's shopping center, an extension of £ 675 million. All department stores are represented in the very impressive "St. David's 2", but if you like the more intimate shops, try the pretty Morgan and Castle shopping malls with their Victorian and Edwardian features.


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