Top 10 Summer Beauty Tips


1. Concealer can hide stains, imperfections and imperfections. Apply to areas you are not satisfied with before your foundation layer.

2. A highlighter along the cheekbones gives a young and pretty summer luster

3. Make sure to regularly take vitamin supplements and treat your hair to an intensive mask once in a while for a fabulous summer glow.

4. Spend time shaping your eyebrows as this can make a big difference on your face and really bring out your eyes.

5. For a natural wave, when you have washed your hair, instead of using rollers, wrap your wet hair in rags and let it dry. When you unlock them, you will have a natural wave and a rebound that will last all night.

6. Make a facial scrub part of your weekly routine to remove dead skin leaving skin healthy, clean and fresh.

7. A light application of tanning cream and let yourself tan without needing hours in the sun. Complete this with shimmering powder for the evening.

8. You do not need expensive moisturizers to keep your skin moist. After washing, Vaseline can block 10 times more moisture than the skin alone.

9. During the hot summer months and especially when sunbathing, be sure to keep the SPF 30+ cream on your face to help prevent wrinkling as you age and moisturize your skin.

10. Drink lots of water throughout the day, especially during very hot days, as dehydration is very bad for skin, nails and hair.

Regularly follow these simple steps and you will shine all summer long.


Source by Adrian Mulhall

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