Top 10 Things NOT To Ask A Tattooist


As a new tattoo artist, but a former collector of tattoos, I've already encountered strange and disturbing questions (not bad – in a terribly funny way). So I asked some tattoo artists and put together a list of fun questions that people asked about tattoos. If you've asked any of these questions, think about it next time – before you ask! So here it is, just to have fun!

1. What do you think I should get?

Do not leave this decision to a complete stranger – the tattoo should be about you not someone else! You can go out with a mixed smoking devil skull, or a Bugs Bunny tattoo. Is it something you could live for the rest of your life? If not, go home and think about what you would like first.

2. How long do they last?

Duh! they always have forever (except that you get laser removal). Although they can fade overtime generally the tattoo will be with you for life. A real tattoo is not something that you can wash after a week, so be sure to carefully choose your design and try not to be fashionable, because fashion can quickly disappear from fashion [19659002] 3. Can you cover this tattoo with something smaller?

You do the math, it just does not work. You will be surprised how many people are asking for this.

4. Do you have space to adapt to it now? I'm not sure what I want or want, but how much will it be and how long will it take?

The best way to apply for a tattoo – I suggest you do other research before entering a tattoo shop. Tattoo artists are usually professionals who have trained for years to perfect their skills. Please treat them with respect as you would any other professional.

5. Can I have my wedding vows revolving around my wedding finger?

Without you the wedding vows are just "I'm doing", do you really think they'll fit on such a small space. Tattooing needs may be small but you may be asking for a little more.

6. What can I get for ten dollars?

It's a time in your life where it pays to not be cheap. When it comes to tattoos, you get what you pay in my opinion, an artist can charge up to $ 350 per hour and a tattoo can take – as long as it takes, it depends on the size and the blanket. The better the tattoo artist, the higher the price (usually). But remember that it will be with you for life and that it is an investment in you that will never go away.

7. Yeah I want it to be a little er … it's hard to describe … I have photos at home … I probably should have bought them … [19659003] Your usual tattoo artist is not psychic. It is better to bring more information rather than nothing at all.

8. I only want it in black because the colored ink hurts more.

You're kidding! It's always the same no matter what color ink you choose.

9. Can I pay you in a month?

More often than not the answer will be no, so do not ask. It's certainly a case of getting now to pay later – remember that tattoo artists are also ordinary people who have bills to pay too.

10. Do you mean that the needle actually breaks the skin?

Ah – Yes! This is why they call needles. The needle should pierce the skin so that the ink can settle under the skin and that it stays with you until the end of time …


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