Top 10 tips for buying high quality double glazed windows replacement


1. Your window must be securely attached to your brick. Avoid bundles of wood and foam expansive at all costs because it does not last and is easy for a burglar to tear.

2. Look for steel reinforcements in any PVC frame. It should be through the entire frame with the exception of the corners. This is essential as it protects your glazing against blowing and condensation between windows.

3. Buy only virgin quality PVC with organic calcium stabilizers. This quality is the only PVC quality that will still be legal in 2015 and will be guaranteed to retain its color for 20 years.

4. According to Which magazine, the optimal air gap between double glazed units is 20mm, which allows you to achieve the best sound reduction and the best thermal efficiency. When buying a replacement double glazing unit, ask for proof that you get a window rated A.

5. To get a 20mm gap, you need a very solid window to support that weight because you need a steel reinforcement and they also need very solid locks and hinges.

6. The number one safety tip is always to make sure your glazed unit is installed inside your home

7. All quality replacement double glazings have a double sealing strip to make them weather resistant.

8. It is now illegal to install windows on the floor that can not be cleaned from the inside and open so that you can use them as an emergency exit. Warning Illegal windows can stop a house sale in its tracks.

9. Ask to see the proof of a BBA certificate number. The BBA test is an independent European method recognized for testing the entire system.

10. Insist on a lifetime warranty for sealed glazing to ensure that you are covered if your glazing develops condensation between double glazing.


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