Top 10 Traditional Christmas Songs


Over time, many artists of different genres have had their own impact on the Christmas music scene. However, there is nothing like the classics! Let us count the ten best traditional Christmas songs!

10. "O Come, O Come Emmanuel"
Originally a Latin hymn, "Veni, Veni, Emmanuel", this classic tune was translated into English by the priest John Mason Neale around 1850.

9 . "What Child Is This?"
Although the lyrics of this song come from a poem by William Chatterton Dix of the late nineteenth century, the music dates back nearly 200 years, when "Greensleeves" was recorded for the first time.

8. "God Rest Happy Ye, Gentlemen"
Dating from 16th century England, this song was known to be sung in the streets by municipal employees charged with entertaining the public. Unfortunately, its original authors and composers remain unknown.

7. "The Twelve Days of Christmas"
The lyrics of this complex carol describe a number of more and more addressed (and often stolen) gifts given to the singer by their "true love". It was published in England in 1780.

6. "Deck the Halls"
With lyrics of holiday preparations full of "fa-la-la-las", the air of this song is Welsh, dating back to a 16th century winter song . The actual lyrics are of American origin.

5. "Angels We Heard Up"
Although various origins were cited for this Christmas Carol, it was placed as early as 129 AD, popularized by Telesphorus, the bishop of Rome. Others tell stories of medieval French shepherds calling "Gloria in excelsis Deo".

4. "Away In A Manger"
The stories of the origins of this classic anthem differ from one source to another, but its first publication dates back to the 1880s.

3. "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing"
This eighty century collaboration between Charles Wesley and Felix Mendelssohn was not affectionately watched by one or the other musician. Various revisions over time have made it the hymn we know today.

2. "Joy To The World"
The words "Joy to the World" were written by Isaac Watts in 1719, based on Psalm 98. More than a century later, Lowell Mason set them to music, creating a classic.

1. "Silent Night"
The legend tells that the Austrian priest Joseph Mohr wrote the lyrics of "Silent Night" in the early 1800s. Franz Gruber, the director of the church choir, wrote the music . In "Pop Memories 1890", Joel Whitburn cites "Silent Night" as the most recorded song in history!


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