Top 3 Biggest Makeup Mistakes – Are You Guilty?


So, we all wear some makeup for the day at work or for a glamorous look during an evening outing. We should be very familiar with makeup now. Why not? You apply makeup every day. But chances are, you repeat the same makeup mistakes again and again without even knowing it. Are you a recidivist when applying your makeup?

Recently, I've read a lot about the makeup techniques of famous makeup artists and makeup experts and guess what? They all complain about the mistakes that women make when applying makeup and these same mistakes are repeated too often. So, I've compiled the list of big mistakes in applying makeup.

Make-up mistake 3

Putting makeup unnecessarily heavy – According to Christina Bartolucci, DuWop makeup artist, less is more. Less makeup application is the best for your looks of all ages. She insisted that the older you get, the less makeup you have to use. She commented that she has witnessed many older women bearing heavy foundations and obvious blushes, which in reality are getting older. She suggested opting for a soft tinted moisturizer, a natural rose blush on cheek apples, a neutral eye shadow, a black mascara and a plum lip gloss. It's all we need to be beautiful. You should stick to neutral colors and less of them you will look younger.

Makeup Mist 2

Bad Foundation Shadow – Makeup artist Bobbi Brown commented that one of the biggest mistakes women make is using the wrong tinge of the foundation. Often, choosing a bad base gives your face the appearance of a mask. A little advice from Bobbi Brown, when choosing your foundation, if you can see the foundation, this is not the right shade. She also added, in order to find the perfect match, swatch some basic shades on the face of your face. Then check your reflection in natural light. The shadow that seems to disappear in your skin is the right one.

Makeup Error 1

Applying Makeup with Bad Lighting – Celebrity Makeup Artist Pat McGrath, who has worked with many Hollywood celebrities and many models have commented that it's the makeup fault of all time. She revealed that most women wear makeup in any light other than natural light. Daylight reveals true colors while incandescent light, the light emitted by most household light bulbs dulls the colors and gilds the face in a warm yellow cast iron. When the foundation, blush and other colors are applied to the face with a dim light, it seems to be softer and more natural than when viewed in natural light that has a dominant bluish. Therefore, in true light, the applied makeup will look hard and unmixed, with the base and blush very visible especially. She advises women to install their makeup table near the window so that they can see their makeup in the same way as they will be throughout the day.

So now, it's time to change your makeup habits a bit and it's going a long way in giving you that beautiful, flawless face. Do not let the beauty makeup font catch you now …


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