Top 3 Super Foods Revealed – Foods That Make Your Penis Bigger


If you want to gain weight and are looking for a safe and natural way to do that, you should consider following these tips that I am about to give you about the foods that enlarge your penis. Millions of men around the world are not happy with their size, but are not willing to use stupid pumps or pills loaded with side effects. Use all natural means. These are 3 foods that will help you naturally. If you combine these foods with the penis enhancement program, you will get excellent results.

1. Salmon – Eat this food as well which is a great foods that make your penis bigger. Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids that make the blood less sticky, which significantly improves blood flow to your penis.

2. Bananas – Men who add 2 to 4 inches to their length always have good blood circulation. Eating bananas, which are by the way an excellent source of potassium, is a great thing and a must. Potassium is great for the heart and blood circulation, so it is essential if you are trying to get fat. Eating bananas helps reduce the amount of sodium in your body, which keeps your blood pressure from skyrocketing and also reduces the risk of heart problems.

Onions – What this food does for people, is that it thins your blood and improves your circulation, which also makes it less likely to clot and clog. Very important if you are trying to move blood to your penis.

These foods that make your penis fatter are the top 3 and will help you gain 2 to 4 inches if you combine them with penis enlargement exercises.


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