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If you plan to add a porch to your home, you may have already noticed that the variety of verandas available is huge and can be overwhelming. Conservatories come in all shapes and sizes and are usually built according to the specific requirements of the buyer. Once you know the size you want, all that remains is to choose the right design to complete your home.

Discover a selection of the most popular models below

1. Victorian Conservatory
To get an idea of ​​what Victorian conservatories look like, visit the local botanical gardens. Victorian conservatories are similar in design to traditional botanical greenhouses and can be equally spectacular. Victorian-style conservatories have experienced a revival in recent decades and can create an amazing addition to any home. Victorian style conservatories are usually available with three or five facets. The three-sided verandas consist of a bay front with three main windows and five-sided verandas consisting of five main windows that give a rounded appearance to the room.

2. The Edwardian Conservatory
The Edwardian conservatories generally have a square or rectangular plan with a flat facade and the roof usually has a summit shape. If you run out of space, then Edwardian verandas are a good choice because their angular design means there's no diagonal corners to cut into your floor space so you can use it at maximum space available.

3. Gable Conservatory
Gilded conservatories certainly have the "wow". factor as they maximize light and space and can create a truly great feature in any home. They have an elevated facade, with large roof windows that allow the light to flow. Like the Edwardian verandas, the gabled verandas feature a square floor plan, making the most of your floor space. This classic design is perfect for old houses.

4. P-shaped Conservatory
If you consider the winter gardens as an extra room at your house, rather than a simple room extension, the verandahs shaped like p could be the right choice for you. P-shaped verandahs are usually very large and, for this reason, are better suited to larger properties, although most businesses design a smaller version for you if your home is smaller. These verandas make large dining rooms as they allow for a place for a table and can create a superb family living space.

5. Lean-to conservatory
The design and installation of a good conservatory have a price, but if you have a small budget, then conservatories in shed are an excellent choice. Lean verandas are often called sun lounges and can provide excellent value for money as they are quick and easy to build. They tend to be smaller than other models because they are backed by "the house can not extend too far from the load-bearing wall.This does not mean you have to lack style because there are many options for basic walls, windows and roofs depending on your requirements and taste.

Before you make your purchase be sure to check out the full range of models available.


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