Top 5 Green House Design Tips


A green home design combines environmental decisions and resource efficiency in every step of the construction and development of an entrenched home to reduce the environmental impact. For a house to consider & # 39; green & # 39; it must focus on the efficiency of energy and water in the design, construction and operation of the house. A green house design must take into account the kind of impact the house has on the environment.

1. Build a house of the right size.

There is no need for a house to be larger than what a family needs. Smaller models use less materials, are greener and less expensive. It also costs a lot less to heat and cool a smaller home.

2. Use solar energy to heat water and electricity.

Photovoltaic panels and solar water heating panels can be used for this purpose. It is a renewable energy that is efficient, saves money and is better for greenhouse gas emissions and pollution.

3. Design a roof that will collect rainwater to be used around the house.

It is very easy to design a roof that dries the runoff at a central location to collect. This water can be used for ventilation, washing clothes and flushing.

4. Consider the type of building materials used in the design of the house.

Find local sources of materials and choose materials that are natural and undergo less industrial processing. The more natural the material, the less toxic it will be.

5. Use sunlight to provide light in the house.

Money can be saved if skylights, windows and light tunnels are used to provide light


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