Top 5 interior design tips by interior designers experts


Now that the thought of giving a new twist to your home has blocked you, explore new ways to add this welcome factor to your nest of love. Let yourself be inspired by these five interior design tips that come straight to you from the secret journals of the best interior designers:

  1. The Space Factor

No matter how much space you have it is always wise to show it rather than waste it on avoidable storage. Raised bed with elongated bed skirt is a combo set for hidden storage and elegance for your room. Be generous with the shelves. Invest in units that are longer in length than in width. Opt for furniture with varying heights, glass surfaces and mirrored table legs for the space factor.

  1. Abundant Lighting

When making lighting plans, your first step should be to find a natural source of light for your home. Take any area you want to accent, such as an artwork or piece of furniture, and prepare a concoction of lighting sources to highlight it. A mix of designer chandelier, wall sconce and long hanging table lamp infuses an inviting wave into the mood.

  1. Play with wall colors

If you are blessed with space, do not be afraid to opt for bright colors for your walls. It is best to choose colors in shades of red, flamingo pink, bright orange and even black to accentuate the focal wall of your living room or your bedroom. However, for small spaces, it is always wise to opt for softer wall paintings like whites, creams and beige with large windows.

  1. Furniture to mix

Do not just throw away old pieces. With the trend of concoction that governs furniture ideas, opt for the mix-it-up model. Place an emblematic chair in acid color in front of a regular sofa in a neutral shade to experience a new wave in your living room. You can highlight your grandfather's vintage armchair in bold geometric prints and bring it out into your drawing space in a-mode mode.

  1. Ceilings deserve attention

Like your personality, your home also describes to stand out and you can get there easily by drawing your attention to the ceiling. You can also create a multi-level ceiling by innovatively integrating three D elements. Have you ever thought about choosing a golden paint for your ceiling? In addition to reflecting natural light, a golden ceiling adds drama to your space.

Already inspired by these decorating tips? Can understand your quest to try them for the dream house that your soul has long been waiting for. Write down quickly what comes to your mind on a piece of paper before you forget them. And if your imagination and your budget require more than a do-it-yourself job, you can always look for professional interior designers in your city.


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