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This is the time of year! Young women across the country are shopping for prom dresses and planning a night of glamor. You can use these five tips to watch the beautiful red carpet for your prom. If you want to have fun, go with your friends and practice these tricks before the big day. In this way, you will know what works for you and you will have some practice to get your look right

Tip # 1
Remember that the most beautiful celebrity on the red carpet and the most beautiful girl at the ball is not the one that wears the most makeup! You do not want people to say "Wow, great makeup". You want them to say "Wow, you look amazing!" Your makeup is here to bring out your natural beauty. One of the best ways to look naturally beautiful is to choose a light liquid base or mineral makeup that fits almost perfectly with your skin. Apply the foundation evenly and lightly on your own face, reminding you to blend in with the hair line and the jaw line. If there is a visible line where your makeup ends and your neck starts, you have the wrong base. It is either too dark or not the right shade. It's paying to find the right foundation to have a nice base for the rest of your makeup.

Tip # 2
Take a hint of your dress. If your dress is of a bold or black color, you'll want to make bold makeup to go with it. Your dress will overwhelm you and you will look faded in these prom pictures if your makeup does not complete the strong style of the dress. Dramatic eye makeup is great with a bold dress. Try a strong smoked or cat-eye look. You can find video instructions on how to get these looks on Just remember, when you play your eyes, you want to keep your lips neutral. You want to look like a glamorous girl, not a clown, in these pictures! Choose a matte lipstick color close to your natural lip color or slightly beige or pink.

Dresses in pastel shades require a more discreet face. Keep your eyes neutral with a glossy beige or brown shade and a few layers of a stretching mascara. Play your lips instead with a high-gloss lip gloss in a hint of cherry or bright pink that compliments the color of your dress.

Tip # 3
Create a bright complexion, accentuate your lips or eyes. If you have a medium or dark complexion, use a tanning powder of two shades darker than the natural color of your skin. Brush lightly on the forehead, bridge of the nose and cheeks. Girls with fair skin can get the same glow with a highlighter that is a shade darker than their natural complexion. Use a highlighter along the upper parts of the cheeks, around the eyes and even around the lips. With a tan or highlighter, the key is to create a natural glow. Start with just a small product and add more if you need it.

Tip # 4
Get a manicure the day before the ball. Choose an average length for your nails. You want something more glamorous than short nails, but super long nails can be difficult to treat. Again, you may want to consider your dress when choosing the color and style of your manicure. Of course, a French manicure is always in style.

Tip # 5
Do something special with your hair. Prom is the opportunity to show off your style with a celebrity-inspired hairstyle. Try a bun for long hair or add curls to normally straight short hair. Get a copy of a celebrity hairstyle magazine or visit for ideas. You can style yourself, get together with your friends, style your hair or make an appointment with your hairdresser. Just make an appointment well in advance because your hairdresser can receive a solid reservation on the day of the ball!

These are my beauty tips for prom. It does not take a lot of makeup, a lot of time or even a lot of skill to get the look you want. Follow these tips and you will be beautiful.


Source by Amy Jo Garner

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