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As a beautician, makeup artist, former assistant to a cosmetic surgeon and self-proclaimed "beauty junky", I have been surprisingly helpful in my career as a trainer and nutritionist. Most of my clients have, at one time or another, asked for beauty tips that I have happily been able to provide. And while I get questions about skin care, makeup and cosmetic treatment of people with varied fitness goals, no one has more beauty issues than women from two specific groups.

After answering countless questions posed by my brides and models on everything related to rashes, enlarged pores, ashen skin, Botox and lips, and on the most sustainable businesses, concealer and anti-mascara. I noticed a lot of trends.

As many of you have similar concerns, I decided to compile these questions into a series of articles highlighting the basics of what you need to know to have the issues in mind. look amazing on your special day.

We all want full, sexy lips – even with a minimum of make-up, beautiful skin and a perfect mouth can be enough to give a spectacular look (yes, even on camera!). Whether blessed or not with almost perfect lips, there are steps we can all take to perfect our poufs. Let's take a look at a few of them now.

  • How to treat dry lips? My chapped lips are still peeling, helping!

No sweat here, just exfoliate the lips! You can use a sugar-based scrub, or even use your toothbrush in a pinch. To make your own sugar scrub, add half a teaspoon of sugar to 1/4 teaspoon of Vaseline, and rub your lips in a circular motion.

You do not feel like doing a scrub? Simply apply an emollient lotion (such as vaseline) to your lips, run warm water over your toothbrush to warm it up and soften the hair, and gently rub your lips in a circular motion to remove all those flakes .

Once you've done this, apply your favorite balm (my choice: Nivea SOS or Q10 lip treatment), let it absorb slowly, and start applying your lip makeup.

  • How can I make my thin lips full and sexy?

You also have some options here. If you are looking for a durable solution and you are not afraid of needles, you can learn about injectable lip filler products.

There are several different types, the most popular being Juvederm and Restylane (though there are many others, including Perlane, Hlyaform, Sculptra, etc.). Lip filling can cost between $ 300 and $ 1,000, depending on the type used, the amount required and your geographic location.

If you prefer not to use the injectable route, some makeup techniques may have a similar effect!

The first thing you will want to do is align the crest line of your lips and the entire surface of your lips rather than the outline of your lips, inside of Ridge. In pencil, apply the lipstick, and on your lipstick, add shine – but not everywhere! You want to place a little strategically, just in the middle of your lower lip.

You will then want to add some shimmering color reflecting light to your Cupid's bow (on top, in the center of your lips). A pale pink shade will work well here. The reflective light will make your pout of your surroundings appear much fuller and sexy than you ever thought possible – and all, without a needle!

  • Do I have to match my lipstick color to my outfit or dress? How can I match colors in the right way?

Unless doing an artistic shoot, you want a lip color. It will match your color, not your outfit. It's never a good idea to match your outfit regardless of the color of your skin and your complexion – you do not try to make sure that your outfit is beautiful; your goal is to make you beautiful!

Fashionable colors are usually a no-no at weddings and other formal, heavily photographed events, because you do not want to look at your photos in twenty years and be embarrassed by the bright pink lipstick and the # 39 bright blue eye shadow. Neutral shades that deepen the natural hue of your lip color are the best choice here, and they will last longer with fewer touch ups, to start with!

  • How to make "bright lips" look like last?

It 's about using the right product. There are thousands of lip glosses, my personal favorites are all very long. Be warned, many of those who have the ability to last all day are also very tacky.

There are different degrees of brilliance too. The wisest wives – or those of you after a more classic look – may opt for a less shiny and subtler finish of a product like Fresh Sugar Lip Gloss Lip Gloss or LancĂ´me Juicy Smoothie Tubes gloss.

If you're looking for a vinyl look that will last all day, try Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect, Super Lip Gloss Makeup, Mac Lip Glass or Yves Saint Laurent Gloss PUR.

  • My naturally dark lips make it impossible for any lipstick to stay true to its color Any ideas?

This one is simple: just cover your natural lip color!

Some makeup artists suggest using foundation on the lips, although I personally do not like this idea because it dries, never sees well and never goes long on this skin. There are, however, many lipsticks that will completely hide your lip color and will allow any lipstick applied over them to stay true to its shadow. Some of my favorites for this are Scott Barnes Show Off and MAC Myth.

Your other option is to use a product specifically designed for this, such as erasing MAC's lips. You want to apply this product on the balm, let it absorb for a few minutes and proceed to the application of lipstick. The result? Perfect lips, the exact color of your lippie.

  • How to avoid the bleeding of my lipstick? If your lipstick tends to bleed, my best tip would be to stay away from lipsticks and glosses, opting for the mattes instead. If you do not like the appearance of the matte mouth, you can still use it as a base color, set with a translucent powder, and go on top with a clear gloss .

    Prevent lipstick from smudging is done in the same way: Apply your lipstick to your pencil (applied over the entire lip, not just the outline!), Let it sit for a minute, and adjust with a powder . Once the application is complete, apply another layer of lip color with the help of a brush to make sure it is as fine and as perfect as possible, then sponge lightly for eliminate all excess.

    Use a gloss of choice and you're ready for your close-up!


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