Traditional Christmas Markets in Europe


Christmas markets in Europe have existed for more than 600 years and continue to grow in popularity. What is the origin of these markets? And why do people like them so much?

The first December market was in Vienna, which began in 1294. Finally, it continued to become a good Christkindlmarkt ("Christ Child Market"). The first true German Christmas market was probably Bautzen, dating back to 1384. This tradition spread throughout the German-speaking world with many cities deciding to hold their own Weihnachtsmarkt in Austria, Germany and Alsace.

makes these markets so popular? Why do so many people want to spend their money at the Berlin December Market or the Weihnachtsmarkt Munchen? Well, there is the smell of grilled seasonal food floating in the air, the sounds of Christmas songs and a pronounced Christmas flavor on everyone's lips. Then there are hand-made gifts made of porcelain, wood and iron, with Santa Claus and many of his elves, who are almost always present. Especially in our time of mass production, it is also often a good way for people to get a unique gift at the Christmas time because many traders are run by small independent traders.

But the popularity of German Christmas markets did not stop at the German borders, rather they spread all over Europe, with markets (often referred to as German markets Christmas – showing their origin) appeared in France (here called Christmas March) and the United Kingdom. the west and Hungary and Romania to the east. Although many of them retain the basic characteristics of a German market – such as holding the Old Town Square, selling handicrafts and food and hot drinks – they have also a lot of unique features. For example, in Brussels there is the opportunity to eat waffles and chocolate, while in Lincoln, the most famous and oldest market in the UK, it's the cathedral and the setting atmospheric that attract people. You can see Santa Claus falling from the belfry of the cathedral, while at the Salzburg market, you can watch a fortress sipping your mulled wine.


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