Traditional communities of new homes – the old design is new


Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND) means that a new community of origin is planned since its inception to be less dependent on the automobile and more likely to be a pedestrian community. and more likely to create friendships between neighbors. These TND communities, such as Cherry Hill Village in Canton, Michigan and Celebration in Orlando, Florida, celebrate yesterday through traditional planning and design.

These TND communities accomplish this in many ways.

* Communities mix single-family homes with multiple dwellings and small commercial enterprises.

* Houses are much closer to sidewalks than in other subdivisions. Garages often enter alleys, making the streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

* All neighborhoods have sidewalks that allow homeowners to exit residential streets and stores, parks and churches in the TND.

* The front porches are larger and modeled after the porches of yesteryear, often wrapping the side of a house.

* Multi-family dwellings are often "brown stones". While brown stone used to be a type of stone used in construction, today it refers to a row of terraced houses, sometimes called brick-lined townhouses.

* Small parks, sometimes called Pocket Parks, are nestled in the TND, inviting children and their parents to gather and socialize.

A village square attracts attention in a TND. In addition, living / working buildings are developed on the main street. This means that a retail store offers homeowners housing above, just like the first downtowns across the country.

Due to the variety of sizes and styles of home in a well-planned TND, a young couple could be small community houses or a brownstone as a newlyweds and then move to a larger home after having had children. Then, when they are empty nests, they can return to a smaller house or brownstone, all without ever leaving their neighborhood and their friends.

In a well-planned TND, different builders in the community offer many choices to consumers. For example, River's Edge at Cherry Hill Village offers ranches, Cape Cods and Colonies. Many of them also have basements that provide even more usable square feet. River's Edge, which is one of the many neighborhoods of Cherry Hill Village, has two builders: Palazzolo Brothers and Vincent Homes.

This feeling of yesteryear usually stops at the front door of homes, however. The design of each house meets the modern needs of today's society. Exterior building components include bricks and cladding, as well as complete basements. In addition, the houses include energy efficient ovens and air conditioners. Inside, a feeling of space comes from the height of the nine-foot ceiling or, in some plans, vaults, cathedrals, or plateau ceilings. Palazzolo Brothers and Vincent Homes offer superb cabling for today's high-tech needs, including low voltage cabling. Granite kitchens, dressings, hardwood floors, open lofts and other luxury features also play an important role in any TND home.

The best TND designs have the porches of yesterday, but the kitchen of today. They have the fireplaces of yesterday, but the cupboards of today. They have the streetscapes of yesterday, but the safety features of today. What was old in home design and neighborhood planning is again new.


Source by Sam Palazzolo

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