Trailer Roof Repair – A New Roof Made Easy


Chances are you've seen motorhomes parked next to people's homes. These could be huge travel RVs or compact instant styles. And you will probably notice them because they are draped in one of those attractive blue tarpaulins, though unappealing!

Perhaps this is simply due to the owner's motivation to protect the object when it is not used. Or, maybe it's because the roof is leaking. It's a common occurrence with these vehicles, as you know if you have one yourself. The good news is the wonderful new products on the market allowing you to make your own trailer roof repair.

Trailer roof repair was an expensive and laborious process that was only performed by a professional repair shop. Now you can buy all the equipment you need to do it at home. The most popular product to use is called EPDM. This is a rubber substance that can be brushed or rolled to seal your mobile roof.

There are products specifically designed for travel trailers that are lightweight and durable. They offer protection against light pedestrian traffic as well as UV reflectivity. This, in turn, will reduce the deterioration of the roof and increase the life of your vehicle by preventing leaks.

There are some preparations you will need to make before you start repairing your trailer roof. The air conditioner, vents and skylights you have in the roof will need attention. You should scratch all the old caulking, which has most likely dried and cracked anyway.

Next, you should close all penetrating objects with caulking any time by following the directions on the tube. Once this dries, you must thoroughly clean the entire surface with a brush to remove dirt from the road, oils and debris. You must have a clean palette to apply the EPDM.

If you have irregular surfaces when repairing your trailer roof, you can study the use of fabrics specifically designed for these areas. You could also consider replacing the screws that are not aligned with the roof. This will facilitate a better sealing process.

These procedures require special attention, but they are very effective in extending the life of the trailer roof. It is also more cost effective to take these steps than to continue to leak the roof. Throw away this big blue tarp and apply a brand new roof on your favorite leisure vehicle.


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