Tri Fold Christmas Cards for More Artistic Opportunities


New holiday card designs allow you to create new forms of expression of your joy this holiday season. One of the best is the tri-fold accordion holiday card. Tri fold Christmas cards offer more spaces for text, graphics and photo. They also get better without assistance on the desk, the coat or the table of your recipient.

But Christmas tri-fold greeting cards offer more than a practical benefit. The extra surfaces give you more places to present this special photo. Graphics can be seen from multiple angles in the room. It makes them so much more flexible.

Convince yourself of the Vintage Scrapbook Triplet Greeting Card. As the name suggests, it has a traditional look. But these vintage elements have been combined with new fonts to create a timeless look. Best of all, the tri-fold design allows you to present multiple photos of you and your loved ones.

Choose something from summer vacation at the beach to bring some warmth to the cold season. You will still have space for this traditional Christmas portrait of the whole family.

Want a more contemporary look? The Simple Sparkle design is right. This cheerful design features up-to-date graphics that resemble colorful graffiti scattered around the outdoor photo. Open the accordion and this same delicious look continues inside the photo inside. Say "Happy Holidays" in a new way with this merry christmas three – part photo card.

Sometimes text and graphics tell everything. The Talking Timeline design in Stormy Blue is the perfect way to tell your story in words. Resembling a favorite comic book, you can report some of your family's comical adventures of the past year. The timeline along the bottom helps you arrange everything in chronological order. Do not forget the happy ending!

Even if you've never done DIY, you can take advantage of Crafter's holiday photo card. This accordion-style holiday missive allows you to present three distinct photos, accented by a charming and discreet graphics on the bottom. Upload your favorite photo of your little one for the outdoors. Then choose some fun pictures of the dog, family … whatever you want for the interior.

May the New Memories Christmas greeting card be the first memory of the New Year, as you fondly recall memories of the past. Put a special photo from last year on the outside, then create a new keepsake for your friends and family with this candid photo of the little one you just took today.


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