Tropical home decor for a smaller budget


During the cold winter, a trip to the tropics seems wonderful to just about everyone. Yet we can not all get up and leave. We can, however, bring the tropics into our homes with some tropical home decor.

When I imagine a tropical home, I see soft winds blowing curtains from the ceiling to the floor windows. I see a lot of used patios with palm trees facing a beach and then an ocean. I see bright colors and shells adorning the walls and shelves of the house. I also see large plants that are placed on the ground and can reach the size of the ceiling. These are the types of things you want if you want to bring the tropics into your home.

To enhance your tropical decor, the furniture should be light. If the current fabrics are dark, a cover might do this job. If you have wicker furniture, it should be taken out and used in the living room. Wicker furniture of any kind should be accented. The wicker can be natural or painted white. If the wicker is painted white, most other things at home should also be white. The color of all your furniture should be either natural honey colored wood or painted white. These two options lead to an open and airy feel in the room.

Whether or not you have floor-to-ceiling windows is not as important as having this length in the sheers. Your curtains should be transparent for days when you open your windows. This will allow the curtains to swing gently in the breezes that come through the windows. In addition, you do not have to live in front of a beach to have the impression of a beach just outside. You can add that feeling by incorporating these colors into your decor.

If you choose to paint the walls, you can choose a clear blue sky or you can choose beige sand. Or you can leave your walls as white as the floating clouds. If you choose to leave the white walls, works of art depicting scenes from the ocean will help create a tropical atmosphere. Another addition to a tropical sensation would be the use of seashells in your decor. They can be in shape or art or actually use seashells in various places of your home for decoration. Place them around a blue ocean candle on a clear glass plate and use it as the centerpiece on your coffee table.

A wonderful touch to a tropical sensation is the use of plants. There should not be many. You do not want to turn the tropics into the rainforest. There should be one or two large plants sitting on the floor. These plants should become large enough, but should not become too big for the room in which they live. The elephant plant is perfect for this type of atmosphere. It is aesthetically pleasing by just adding a hint of green to your decor, just as there is just a bit of green in the tropics, usually in the form of palms.

A tropical atmosphere is a light and airy atmosphere. Once you have created your tropical home decor, you can get the feeling of an exotic vacation everyday!


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