Tropical Outdoor Ceiling Fans – Tips for Incorporating Your Tropical House Design


Are you planning a tropical ceiling fan for your porch or patio? There are a few things you want to think about before simply heading to your home improvement store and buying the first one you like. You want to consider the decor of your home and the specifications you need to make sure your fan will withstand long-term outdoor conditions that might otherwise ruin elegant appliances.

Tropical Patio Decor

Most people who are interested in this style choose a general theme for their decor. Maybe you had the idea of ​​a popular interior design magazine or maybe you traveled to the Caribbean and were inspired to take home a little bit of decorating the island and bring it home. Tropical ceiling fans are generally distinguished by their blades. Tropical ceiling fan blades are usually larger for an improved airflow to keep you and your guests cool. Visually, these fan blades may vary in appearance. Many brands will use blades that look like palm leaves while others will simply have an oval shape with a visual appearance of wicker, rattan or bamboo. The visual impact is quite dynamic and creates an instant sensation reminiscent of the islands. To tie the overall look, consider coordinating the colors of the fan and its blades with your outdoor furniture or patio. While an exact match of colors may be your first instinct, consider that you may want a visual contrast between the fan and the rest of your outdoor space for a modern and contemporary feel.

Tropical Outdoor Ceiling Fan Specification

While some homeowners mount their fans indoors, these are really outdoor ceiling fans. These fans have special motors and finishes that can withstand the wear and tear that would occur over time if you were to use it on the outside. Believe it or not, but water vapor from excessive wet conditions can completely ruin a perfectly good device. Look for either moist or wet listed, which can work optimally in wet outdoor conditions.

Popular Tropical Ceiling Fan Models

There are many manufacturers that offer these devices. One of the popular popular brands is animation. You can take a look at Windpointe, Bellapointe or Islander fans. These models are available in a variety of finishes to match your décor and feature blades of different colors and finishes. If you are looking for a double-ceiling fan, the Fanimation picket fence is a popular choice for its contemporary style.

Monte Carlo is another name in the outdoor ceiling fans that you want to know. The Monte Carlo Peninsula ceiling fan can be used indoors or outdoors. Their Mandalay collection includes several recommended models that can fit the room decor you have in mind.

There are many, many other brand names that you want to check. Most manufacturers have at least one model in their catalog because of their popularity. Now, before you go to Home Depot to pick up a fan, also think that there are many online retailers that offer these styles at discounted rates compared to what you can find in brick-and-brick stores. -mortar. Some of these retailers even offer free shipping and live customer support if you have questions about your purchase (or do not know what to buy!). Try Lamps Plus, Lighting by Gregory or Lumens. You can also go to Amazon, but you will lose live customer support if you need it.


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