Troubleshooting Tips for Common Air Conditioning Repairs


Air conditioning generally requires constant care for proper operation. Many companies provide such services today. Nevertheless, there are simple routine procedures that can be followed to avoid major problems. You can hire a technician to take care of your air conditioning system, but for simple problems, you can follow a DIY routine.

Cooling Problems

Your air conditioner works without problems, but it may not cool down. In this case, check the condenser. Open the condenser and remove the debris. The condenser must have a free exit and must not be obstructed by anything. If there are obstacles such as tree branches or furniture, remove them from this site.

The compression unit contains a fan capable of collecting loads of dirt. Clean the fan and remove the dirt. Do not water with water. Wipe with a damp cloth only. Be careful not to water the electrical circuits. This can lead to a major repair of the air conditioning.

Filters help separate dust and provide clean air inside. If the filters are dirty, the air conditioning system must work overtime to cool down or heat up. To clean the filters, use a damp, lint-free cloth or soft cleaning brushes.

The last thing to do with cooling would be to set the thermostat. Turn on the unit and set the thermostat to the required temperature. If you have done everything right, the condenser pipe must be warm and the inlet must be cool.

Temperature Problems

The thermostat should be placed in a position to get the right sample of the room air temperature. Otherwise, it can create massive temperature gradients. In addition, if the air is not recycled properly by the pump, the exchange of cold air and warm air is disrupted. The pump problem requires a qualified technician.

Strange noise from the air conditioner

The two main reasons for noise are loosened screws and mechanical friction. Proper lubrication would solve the problem. Use the prescribed engine oils and lubricants and refer to the manual for lubrication intervals. Otherwise, the best time would be once a year.

Water Drain

Leaks in the pipes are the main reason for the l & # 39; flowing water. Replace the hose. If the pipes were OK, the next step would be to check the pump. If the condensation process does not occur in the condenser, the pump does not pump the hot air moved into the condenser. The pump must be repaired or replaced. Sometimes green molds can develop in the connecting pipes. These can be clean with bleach and the problem can be solved.

Here are some repair tips for repairing air conditioners. Air conditioning services can be used to solve major problems.


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