Types of checklist of outdoor Christmas lights


So, you've decided to put on the best outdoor Christmas lighting display on the block this year. You have started a plan, measure where the lights should go. The next important step is to decide what types of lights to use.

Here is a checklist

C7bulbs 2 inches long, tall, bright, visible, traditional, and easy to change. Their great advantage is that when a light breaks down, the rest of the rope stays on. This style of light comes with a number of different outlets on a string, which helps determine how long a string you need to adapt to the space for the lights. These lights can also be purchased with the separate cord of the bulbs, allowing you to choose the required lighting effect. They can be expensive to use with a high energy consumption, unless you choose the C7 bulb form equipped with LEDs. A scintillating style is also available for this type of string (it is here that every 6th bulb turns on and off giving a flickering feel).

C9 bulbs 3 inches long with the same comments and benefits as the C7, only with a larger bulb and therefore a greater source of light.

Mini-Lights – These are the smallest lamps traditionally using small incandescent bulbs, but many are now equipped with LED lights for outdoor Christmas tree lights. The major problems with this type of light chain are that when a bulb breaks down, it cuts a section or the entire chain, making it difficult and time consuming to find the dead bulb and replace it. The cords come in white, green or brown to match the background you want to put them against. Mini-lamps are ideal because they can be easily connected together or connected to a controller that turns them on and off to music, or a programmed flashing display. There are many color options for garlands of light and white light to almost any color you can think of.

LED lamps are available in traditional C7 and C9 styles as well as in miniature or fairy lights. LEDs have the advantage of being low on energy consumption and cool to the touch, much safer with kids around. LED bulbs also last a very long time and are more robust than incandescent bulbs, thus avoiding the replacement of bulbs. Mini-lights are the most common form of outdoor LED Christmas lights, although more types arrive each year as tech and cost improvements. The most amazing LED lights are those that change color, usually in blue / green tones or red / orange tones where the lights gradually change across a number of colors. A very cool effect.

Solar Lights – Outdoor solar Christmas lights are becoming more and more common. They are good for places where it is difficult to get power. They are usually LED lights, charged by the sun during the day and down at night. In places where there is not much sun during the day, they must be charged illegally.

Net Lights – they are perfect for bushes and shrubs, the lights are connected together in a grid arrangement, making it easy to drape over a plant giving the effect lights regularly spaced without effort. Usually the LED lights.

Rope Lights – This style has LED lights encased in rope-like vinyl rope, hence the name of outdoor Christmas rope lights. It facilitates storage and installation and produces a softer light. These have the advantages of LED lights, without the fairy storage issues or mini lights. As mini lights, this style can also be selected to have different patterns of light display such as flashing, flickering or chaser.

Animated Lights – These are shapes such as angels, stars, nativity scenes that have LED lights placed around the edge of different colors to illuminate the shape. There are many different forms available.

Shimmering Spheres – These brilliant balls come in many different sizes. The ball consoles of a hundred mini lights connected together to form a ball, when they are illuminated, produce a glittering effect to add you an outdoor lighting display.

I hope you find this checklist helpful in helping you find the right kind of outdoor Christmas lights for your garden.


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