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If you are wondering how, "Dress as if it were 1994 AND party at PRESENT", then you are in the right place. Specifically, we will show you how to dress up as a gift, or at least how to pull out an ugly Christmas sweater while staying this type / suave girl as you act like at parties. As with any bold fashion statement, trust is the key! But first, you have to find this fantastic sweater!

To secure the perfect party sweater is no mean feat. Where are the precious stones that you ask for? In closets, in thrift stores, online and, perhaps, in your own wardrobe …

Guide to Snagging

Well, the closet of mom or grandmother mother is a place to look. The trick here is to flatter and not to offend. If your mother and / or grandmother is not particularly fashionable, be sure not to ask for an "ugly sweater" to borrow. Ask for something cute and Christmas and you will probably find exactly what you need!

Online Shopping Guide

Sometimes the simplest, fastest, and fun way to shop is online. clean house! You can surf in your snuggie and find some of the most HILARIOUS sweaters around the world on the web worldwide.

Buying Guide Occasionally

If you are not a seasoned professional hunter, prepare for an adventure in a brand new realm of sales by retail. A crazy concoction of good, bad, ugly and a whole WTF? The bargain stores are notoriously riddled with old junk, but in the midst of junk-filled bric-a-brac, you might just find a diamond in the rough. The thrill of the hunt is exciting for seasoned professionals, but can be overwhelming for beginners.

Helpful Hints: Go to the Christmas / Seasonal / Vacation section. Every bargain store will have one at least a month before Christmas. It's there that everything they've saved in the past 12 months is proudly displayed. This often saves you from searching!

If you are concerned about money, honey, go where are the business! Often, bargain stores have sales, shots to cut, dealios, days at half price, and, on occasion, "all the bullshit you can stuff into a paper bag" Sales. So be on the lookout for supra-sales.

Sometimes these stores can be picked. So go early, go often and try to hit a few hole-in-the-wall dingier shops. This is where the treasure is hiding! Believe me, I am a seasoned professional.


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