Ugly Christmas sweaters are back!


Christmas sweaters were once very popular in the 1980s, when they were sold to mass markets. Leading fashion brands such as Croft and Barrow and Talbots sold sweaters featuring images of Santa, reindeer and snowman. One style in particular, the "ski jumper", was a hot seller. Many of these sweaters were thrown away or stored in the closet of mom or grandmother.

Fast forward 30 years later. Although most of these sweaters were out of fashion after the 1980s, the trend has picked up in recent years. Much of the resurgence has been due to the rise of "ugly Christmas sweater" parties. These holidays began a few years ago and the idea was to revive the Christmas sweaters that were popular in the eighties. The resurgence used the Wall Street Journal's eye, which indicated that Google searches for the term "ugly Christmas sweaters" rose by 30% last year over the previous year. Many companies, like AOL, organize each year a "lousy Christmas sweater" instead of a more traditional (and boring) Christmas party.

The silly Christmas sweater nights are all about standing out and wearing a sweater that makes a statement. Often, the sweater is shiny or ugly, the better. Many people even go so far as to sew additional items on their sweaters to give them an even more heinous appeal. Sweater vests and ski jumpers were popular items last year.

The demand for these sweaters has exceeded the supply, and it is very difficult to find them during the holiday season. Most of the pullovers that people wear to ugly Christmas sweaters are the ones they find in their mother's closet, which have been collecting dust for years. Often, thrift stores will stock up on these jerseys anticipating that many people will visit the bargain stores during the holiday season by specifically looking for Christmas sweaters. A used clothing store, Buffalo Exchange, reported last year that they were unable to meet the demand and that they quickly ran out of their jersey stocks.

So, what are the places where you can buy Christmas sweaters? Fortunately, the popularity of the trend has made it easier than ever to find jerseys online during the holiday season. Some of the best options are: a few stores that specialize in manufacturing and selling these items online, online auction sites like eBay, your neighborhood bargain store and some department stores tend to wear some models of Christmas sweaters each year.


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