Unit rates and Thai house plans to estimate the cost of building a house in Thailand


This article is based on my recent experience of actually going through the process of obtaining Estimates of the cost of building a house in Thailand,

It will be useful to anyone retiring in Thailand or planning to retire in Thailand and build a retirement

The two main ways to estimate the cost of building a house in Thailand

There are essentially two ways of pricing a project in Construction in Thailand. ]

1. The first and simplest method is to use Unit Build Rates, that is how much per square meter it costs to build the house in Baht / m2. There is a range of unit construction rates for homes in Thailand and these vary according to the building standard and location in the country.

There are other factors that affect the price of building a house in Thailand and

Just an example is that the cost of construction depends a lot on the builder Particular chosen as quotes for the same property from different manufacturers varies considerably.

] The unit rates to be used to estimate the cost of building houses are readily available where I live in the United Kingdom. There are many websites that list these unit rates and there are also price books that give rate per square meter for a range of building types and sizes. This method is commonly used in Britain and other western countries to calculate a budgetary cost for the construction of a house.

However, in Thailand, the situation is different. I have not seen "official" unit construction rates for Thailand, but several websites, including those serving expatriates living in Thailand, give rough figures to those who built their own retirement homes in Thailand.

Two examples of Thai websites of unit rates for the cost of building the house in Thailand

Bangkok: "In March 2006, buyers had to pay an average of 81,975 baht / m2 to acquire a condominium unit in the central Bangkok area compared to 72,596 baht / m2 Chiang Mai in northern Thailand : "A house built according to the western standard will cost between 160 and 300 000 inhabitants.

Note that the unit rate for these two examples is so different.


Another way to get unit rates for Thailand is to approach Thai builders and architects. The construction rates of the unit that have recently been sent by one of Thailand's leading design and construction companies range from 15,000 Baht to 20,000 Baht / m2.

The method of application of construction rates of the unit is simple. You calculate the total area of ​​the proposed building, including all floors, and multiply by the unit rate. It is not necessary to find or implicate a builder for this method once you have decided on the unit rate to use.

There are inherent inaccuracies in this approach because the mix of different types of use will be different in, for example, using my own property offered in Pak Chong, Thailand, for example, home Is a typical "post" house and half the ground floor is left "open" to be made.

It is clear that the unit rate for these areas is different and different from the first floor which contains Kitchen, bedrooms and other living space Another example of different type (and thus costs) of using the building using my house Pak Chong as an example is that on the first floor, j & # 39 has a very large (compared to the rest of the house) patio And also another semi-open area, which would be a much lower cost to build than the residential areas.

The fact is that newly built houses in Thailand are very often completely different style and layout to other Houses. This is in comparison with the UK where new homes are often built in their hundreds all to the same design. Everyone knows what you will get in a "3 bed semi-detached house" in England. In this situation the unit rates can be applied safely.

So what is the area used in the calculation of costs? Do you use the total area, including the open area on the ground floor and the first floor patio and workshop and the semi-open area plus the housing areas?

The problem is that I do not know the basis for the unit rate in the first place. That is, if it was a similar property to the mine with the open areas included, or if it was a " A property with a higher percentage of actual acreage.

In conclusion, used to get a very rough idea of ​​the likely cost and is not really accurate enough to establish a budget.

2. 2.

This method depends on finding a builder to prepare a quote based on (usually) a set of drawings (also called house plans) For the property In the question. (The house you want to build in retirement in Thailand) Obviously, more accurate and detailed home plans, the more the quote can be accurate.

Other documents can also be provided to complete the house plans and This is a scope describing the scope of the project (which , Is not normally produced in Thailand) and annexes.

There are three major difficulties with this method. Get home plans and other documents

I'm lucky that I can use the software Autocad Computer Aided Drawings (CAD) and am familiar with the design of the building , So I was able to produce my own CAD Drawings and schedules for my planned retirement home in Thailand.

Also, I did not start with a sheet of blank paper, instead I downloaded some existing Thai house plans from the Thai government website

If you do not feel like this do-it-yourself approach, you will have to find someone to make the house plans for you. Although it is easy (if a little expensive) in the UK, if you are trying to find a Thai architect to do it for you then you may have problems.

First of all finding an architect in Thailand is not easy, although I found an architecture and construction company in Bangkok and then I named Then to do the construction drawings of my own home – but that is another story.

Secondly, how do you explain to an architect what you want? This is especially difficult (impossible?) If you do not already have your own preliminary drawings as I have done and if you are not able to sit in the same room as the. 39 and architect and pour on ideas and concepts

. ]

Doing by email from scratch from outside Thailand is almost impossible.


This is not so difficult if you are willing to pay for a translator in Thailand.

A translator can easily translate schedules but adding Thai to CAD drawings is not easy unless the translator also knows how to use CAD software! The plans and schedules of my own home are in English only and I could get a quote from a Thai builder.

You can try English only and just get the translator to translate the technical phrases that the builder does not understand. Again, much easier to do if you are in Thailand next to the translator and builder.

3. Find a Builder in Thailand

This can be one of the most challenging tasks you need to do.

My wife contacted at least six manufacturers from Thailand and only one produced a price. This price was based on the house plans and schedules I produced, but was about double what we expected, at 2.1 million Baht, which operates at 16,000 Baht / m2

The answer we get from most builders is that they are too busy to work on providing a price for a small home construction job. It seems that many builders are engaged in big projects in Thailand's seaside resorts (eg Phucket) and that our tiny little project in Pakchong is not worth their time.

The method that I used to find builders consisted of knocking on the doors "You have a nice home, can you tell me who was the builder? I find it easy to approach people and one day I chatted with the security guard at our hotel, "The Mansion" at 8/8 Soi Tedsaban 8, Mittrapap Rd., Pakchong, Thailand, and he announced that he could get a price from at least two manufacturers.

We took on this offer but never received the quotes. One was too busy and the other wanted 5,000 baht before preparing a quote in case we did not choose it as our builder!

In this brief discussion on how I got budget estimates for a retirement home in Thailand, I covered the two main methods, using the unit Rates and house plans, to ensure a budget price and the advantages and disadvantages of each method. Also I explained the three difficulties you will encounter when trying to get a builder in Thailand to give you an estimate to build your retirement home in Thailand.


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