Use Eyebrow Makeup to Cover Up Eyebrow Hair Loss


Eyebrow hair loss is a major problem for many men and women. The good news is that there are different ways to recover the same eyebrows. However, there is no quick way to recover the hair from the eyebrows. The tattoo treatment would be an exception here as it does not involve the use of hair at all. The fact about the disease is that for many people, the main reason is autoimmune disease. The condition is known as alopecia areata, which affects the hair of the scalp, the eyebrows or any other hairy area of ​​the body.

You can use eyebrow makeup to cover hair loss. It's simple and you will not even want to get help from anyone else. All you need is your eyebrow makeup kit and your eyebrow stencil. When shopping for eyebrow stencils, make sure to buy the one that suits the shape of your eyebrows.

First, place the stencil on your eyebrows and draw a line inward. When you have drawn the line, use a dark pencil to redefine it so that it does not go away easily. The color of the pencil should be that of the color of your eyebrows. Now take a colorful eye shadow that goes well with the hair color of your eyebrow.

People usually have black, dark brown or light gray hair, depending on their age and natural color. Start filling the outline with the brush with the color. Make lighter strokes and use less color to not look fake. Also fill in the color between the eyebrows to make it look natural. When you are done with the brush, remove the extra powder on both eyebrows, pat them with a brush so that the color melts evenly.

. The look will be more pleasant and bright. If you have very light eyebrows and want to look spectacular, you can use a lighter shade of the eye pencil.

However, make sure the color of the eyebrows does not look like a patch on the eyebrow. It should be absolutely natural and well kept. In addition, when using dark makeup for your eyebrows, be sure to use a bold black shade of mascara for your eyelashes. This will give a softer and natural look to your eyebrow makeup.


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