Use of Foundation in Makeup


Selection of the Foundation:

Here we will tell you the most appropriate way to choose a foundation that suits your skin. Collect two or three foundations that you think will look like your complexion, apply them on your jawbone to confirm your choice, leave the face for a while, and check to see if the hue varies with the texture of your skin . does not differ from the color of the skin on the neck, the foundations remaining invisible after the test, this means that you have selected the best foundation and you can now start applying the cosmetic on the entire face. Remember that even the most experienced makeup artists have a hard time choosing a perfect shade for your skin because the color of the skin is not the same in all parts of the face. You may notice differences between the shadow of the cheek and the color of the skin on the forehead or neck.

Now, I suggest how to tell you how to apply the foundation on your face properly. Liquid foundations should be stained gently while compact bases with a thicker consistency should be applied by pressing the sponge against the skin while you apply cosmetic on your skin, pay attention to the light hair on the skin as the more often the excess of the product will accumulate here. This will create a darker outline around the face that results in an unattractive appearance.

How to Apply Blush:

The cheeks on the face are generally not well understood by the artists, though they are also important in makeup. Blush is a cosmetic that animates the complexion. The apples of the cheekbones should be the object of particular attention. In this area, the light beam must be reflected. This ensures a more beautiful look in makeup. Then come to the hollow under the zeugmatic bone. It must be emphasized with a darker matte blush in a rusty color. Applying a darker blush into the hollow under the cheekbones expresses and lifts the apples.

Selection of Lipstick:

Usually, women match lipstick with their outfits. Which is not trendy at all and it should not be finished. While always choosing the color of the lipstick, never ignore the complexion, the hair, the color of the eyes. The color of clothing and accessories is also an important part of the personality. So always remember these points in your mind when buying a lipstick.


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