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Over the past year, the use of quartz stone (or quartzite) for the home improvement has seen a massive increase in the popularity of consumers; I have personally seen it installed and the effect can be really beautiful! This is a great alternative for natural stones such as granite and marble; and since it's man-made, is available in almost any design!

So, what are the uses of quartz stone?

This type of stone is great in the kitchen, but even better in the bathroom! Tiles can be formed as well as complete worktop surfaces; and having quartz as a building base, it is extremely durable and incredibly durable.

Kitchen Design
The quartz stone as I indicated above can be used for work surfaces. It comes in virtually any color and therefore can be matched to almost any d├ęcor. Kitchen tiles can be shaped as can also be wall tiles – in fact; most of your kitchen could have designed with this type of stone in mind.

Bathroom design
Your bathroom is a place where colors can be released; and with quartz stone as an ally, can make all the difference!

Bowls and vanities can be made from this stone as they can also be baths, although you need a specialized supplier of quartz stone products for this type of application.

Garden Design
Believe it or not, but quartz stone even found its place in British gardens. The patios can be paved with quartz garden tiles – I've even seen fougasses made with cutouts, which looked fabulous. You can usually buy falls from local suppliers at a very low price because they are usually eliminated.

I would also like to mention here that I've seen some garden ornaments made from quartzite, but these are rare in garden centers and supply stores with garden ornaments. The same can also be said for ornaments at home.

It is clear that quartz stone is a truly versatile household product and given the multitude of colors and patterns that it offers, this stone is a fantastic choice for all!

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