Using Exfoliation For Acne Scar Removal


It's hard to be plagued by both acne and acne scars. Ideally, you should be able to handle both problems simultaneously. Unfortunately, many of the methods used to eliminate acne scars can actually cause more acne. However, an effective technique for removing acne and acne scars is the age-old technique of exfoliation.

Commonly used techniques for eliminating pimples, blackheads and whiteheads focus on topical mixtures. Most of the time, topical mixtures clean the dirt from the pores, kill the germs and eliminate the excess of oil. Unfortunately, these topical treatments often dry the skin while eliminating acne.

Acne scars, like all scars, must remain conditioned to be lightened and reduced until they disappear. The drying effect of skin topical treatments against acne aggravates scars. Scars are usually treated with natural moisturizers that keep the skin soft. However, these moisturizers can sometimes clog pores and cause aggravated acne.

That's why exfoliation is a fantastic way to effectively treat both problems and eliminate acne scars. The exfoliation simply involves peeling or breaking down the upper layers of the skin. This layer of skin is mainly composed of dead skin. This dead skin mixes with oil and dirt to clog pores and cause acne. The exfoliation also cleans the pores, eliminating clogging and splattering. This eliminates blackheads and basic whiteheads and promotes more aggressive acne.

This outer layer of the skin is also that of the oldest upper layers of scar tissue. If you want to remove your scars, it is important to remove the older skins to promote their new growth. This will help remove the hard, discolored skin that makes your scars visible. Exfoliation literally breaks down these outer layers of scar tissue at a microscopic level, paving the way for new skin growth. In addition, friction increases blood flow to the scar to promote skin growth.

The exfoliation can be performed using over-the-counter treatments. These mixtures usually have a kind of "abrasive" ingredient to scrub the skin. There are also chemical solutions often used to exfoliate and peel the skin.

However, you can achieve similar results naturally. You can use a slightly coarse washcloth to scrub your skin. There are also homeopathic recipes available that you can use to cleanse and condition your skin simultaneously.

If you suffer from acne and acne scars, there is hope. You do not have to choose to treat your acne or your scars. You can use exfoliation to get clean skin without acne or scar.


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