Valuable Walleye Fly Fishing Tips


Walleye fly fishing is a fun activity for anglers looking for some excitement. However, even with all the preparation in the world, no walleye will be heard if good advice is not followed. Here are some tips to use for the fishing trip.

The first of the tips to use is the use of bouncer baits with a platform spinner-crawler. This can be helpful because it can help penetrate areas less than twenty feet in the water. This can help find walleye hiding in the water and can work with all kinds of lures and other baits that can be used for fishing.

Using aquatic vegetation is one of the best tips to use. These are all objects that end up in the water and can be used to help hide the walleye fisherman and prevent the walleye from escaping. Floating vegetation is one of the examples of aquatic vegetation. It's usually residues that adhere to other weeds and go with larger plants like water lilies and cornices.

The use of submerged vegetation is another way of fishing walleye. These will usually be found under water. Not only does this help cover the fisherman, but it can also attract different types of fish. In fact, walleye will be attracted to submerged vegetation types such as weeds.

The search for certain types of blankets in the water is also helpful because the fish can hide there assuming that a fisherman will not interfere. Wood is one of the best examples. One of the tips to use is to look for wood so that walleye fly fishing can begin. Among these covers are fallen trees, trees growing in the water and wooden docks.

Another tip of walleye to use is to use eye protection when fishing. This can be used to facilitate the search for fish and prevent the sun from entering his eyes. The use of polarized lenses is a great option to use. These glasses will help reflect the glare that comes from the surface of the water. This will help make it easier to see when fishing.

Boats can be used in fly fishing at times. Having a drifting boat that will be slow and comfortable is essential. However, being able to have proper control of the boat is a necessity in walleye fishing. The use of control is one of the gold fly fishing tips to use. Back trolling, for example, can be used and is another tip that can be useful. Trolling backwards works because it helps to reduce the speed of the boat while traveling. This helps to increase the level of control of the boat that will be used for fly fishing.


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