Vinyl patio or polyester patio table covers


Patio table covers are essential items you need to get if you will get tables for your patio. These blankets come in different sizes and style so you will find the perfect match for your furniture. There are styles that will allow you to wrap the whole table with its chairs, while there are others specifically suited for tables only.

In addition to having different styles in table covers, you will also find them in a wide range of colors suited to your garden design. They are also available in different materials like vinyl and polyester. These materials are among the most common materials ordered by many consumers. And if you plan to get patio table covers of your own use, you need to read this comparison to find out what they offer and find the best for you.

Vinyl Blankets
If you are not familiar with this type of cover, name PVC covers table can sound one Bell. This has a very durable quality that will be useful for you. This material is also resistant to various elements such as water and sun, to avoid fading. The price of this type of coverage is very affordable compared to others. In terms of design, you can get those with elastic bottoms so that it will wrap the chair stands properly. Apart from that, you can get those that have vents in order to allow a good flow of air. Cleaning is also very simple to do on this material.

Polyester Blankets
These patio table covers are significantly lighter compared to vinyl, which is a heavy type of material. As it is lighter, you are assured that it is also a breathable fabric, which is a good contribution to the air if you get the covers acquired. This fabric is also pretreated in order to be water resistant and discolored so that it can be used throughout the year. Just like vinyl, you can get these patio table covers in different style like stale ones and those that have pull cords for good grip. This material is also very easy to clean as those made with vinyl.

In searching for these patio table covers, you may want to consider these materials and get the most suitable for you. With all the models available in the market, there is something that will match your design of the house with your budget.


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