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Nowadays, home design software comes a tenth of a dozen. Many people have taken the cheaper route when renovating their homes by creating the designs themselves. For this reason, the demand for virtual software software for the home has increased and the response of software developers has been just as fast. In fact, even Google themselves have come up with their own home design program in the form of the Google SketchUp program. Here is a brief overview of this particular program as well as some of its best features and benefits.

Getting Started

It would not be surprising that people, especially those in architecture and interior design, are experiencing this program with some skepticism about the sunset. One would wonder what kind of Google experience has in this area and whether or not they will be able to produce an effective program. However, being the computer giants that they are, users will be pleasantly surprised that this program is actually pretty awesome home design software.

There is actually a free version of this application and users may want to test it before buying the Pro Edition.

What's more awesome is that the demo version – which will last up to 8 hours of use – is only 33 megabytes. This means that the download as well as the installation should be a child's game. Nevertheless, Google has been able to gather a whole range of useful features in such a small program, which makes Google SketchUp a design software worthy of praise.

Easy to use

The most impressive feature of Google SketchUp is without doubt that it is very user-friendly. It comes with a simple interface, as well as features and functions that are not difficult to learn. If there are any problems in this regard, the program comes with built-in tutorials. There is a dedicated workout tab that works wonders. This is certainly an excellent application especially for those who have very little or no experience in home design software.

Additional Features

Aside from the multitude of features built into the program, users also have the option to download even more bonus packs from the application's website. In addition to new objects and examples, the download section also includes a rendering program called iRender, which will help you produce beautifully rendered output. The built-in rendering application is not so impressive, but with the addition of iRender functionality, users should be able to produce professional-level results.

Users who appreciate the evaluation version will have to shell out € 495 for the Google SketchUp Pro Edition.


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