Vitamin C – Beauty and a Beast


Most likely you have either seen, heard or read about the benefits of vitamin C. Its external use has had a pretty good proof of the fight against fine lines and wrinkles successfully. But before you get too excited and you do not rush to throw your money on anything that claims to have it, take a closer look.

The process of getting the proper and useful form of the vitamin is actually much more delicate than advertising makes you think. This is difficult because he is so unstable when he is exposed to the air. When it is exposed, vitamin C begins to oxidize (which means that its molecules begin to change, altering the original form of the vitamin) which makes it ineffective and even actually harmful to the skin.

So what exactly does vitamin C do? Well, it's an antioxidant that helps eliminate free radicals from the skin. Free radicals are unstable molecules that age the skin. These are usually smoking, pollution and sun. Now, the nature of an antioxidant is when it is exposed to sunlight or oxygen, it starts to break down and deteriorate, which makes it lose its effectiveness … and that makes it hard to keep the shape that benefits the skin.

So now what? Well, vitamin C can be stabilized, but when it is "stabilized", it actually slows the process of oxidation more than the normal rate. Cosmetics and beauty companies stabilize their products, but by the time you buy and use them, they can still be slightly oxidized. Vitamin C products are also not very cheap, and if you find them, review it carefully! If it has not been stabilized properly, you are more likely to harm your skin than to help it.

I personally use vitamin C directly from the fruit and right away. If you have a beauty recipe that requires a citrus juice of any kind, try to take it out directly from the fruit. Be sure to test it before using it. It will be much more beneficial for your skin!


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