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With the sun recently making an unexpected but very welcome appearance in our skies this week, we have stripped the layers and unveiled our pasty winter skin for the first time this year. And for many of us, this sudden wave of sun makes us shudder on our fuzzy pieces and asks us if we should take a razor or go to the salon for complete waxes!

But is hair removal really a better option than shaving? Although we like on the one hand the idea of ​​a few weeks of smooth and silky skin, on the other hand, we must accept that there will be a certain amount of pain that must be endured for our thatch-free existence. shaving provides instant, pain-free results, it can leave an unpleasant rash, cause a burning and itching sensation afterwards, and unwanted hair grows back faster and faster with each shave

you can decide which is the right hair removal option for you!

Shaving Benefits

  • Instant Results
  • Easy to do anytime, anywhere
  • No substantial regrowth required before the next shave

Shaving Against

  • To Stay Smooth, Must be done Almost Every Day
  • Hair Regrow Thicker and Run
  • May cause razor burns and ingrown hairs, especially in sensitive areas


  • Taking hair n directly from the root
  • The skin remains smooth and hairless for at least three weeks
  • hair regrow finer and softer


  • wax (but the burning sensation passes quickly)
  • Dear compared to shaving
  • hair regrowth needed before the next wax can to be made

So, what form of hair removal should you choose? Well, it really depends on your lifestyle.

If you do not mind being a little blurry for a week of the month, and you have a tolerance for transient pain, hair removal is definitely the best option for you. Plus, waxing requires little maintenance and drastically reduces the duration of your shower! But if you want to keep your hair without having to make an appointment in a salon every three weeks, then shaving will suit you better.

For many of us, life is a combination of waxing and shaving. Some of us will be using waxing for our more intimate areas while we choose to shave our legs and arms – or vice versa!

Our advice is to try at least to depilate, if it is not already done, to see how you feel. about that. Come see one of our professional and highly trained hair removal technicians so that we can take care of you and ensure the best results with the least amount of pain possible. Just a small waxed area at the beginning. As you get used to the sensation, the pain decreases, the hair becomes thinner and you will finally get the desired results. If you choose to shave, we recommend using a high quality razor and shaving foam that promotes skin healing and apply a good moisturizer after shaving.

See the full list of epilations on our website and contact us to make an appointment.


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