Wear Your Curves Proudly – You’re A Healthy Beautiful Woman


I start my day by going to the gym for an intense workout. I am doing strict diets in the hope of losing weight. I swear I do not do it because my body does not impress me, but because it does not impress the company. Every day is a struggle – a neighbor, a family member and sometimes even a friend remind me that I've gained a lot of weight, which forces me to fight with my body.

Do I like it? Of course not and I am sure that anyone who does exercise or diets under pressure does not benefit at all.

I have lived many things, I have heard people saying mean things about me and staring at me. but nothing disturbs me now! I am happy to be the "fat woman" that I am and if you are as fat as me, you should also be happy. Stop blaming others for how you feel. Do you remember what Eleanor Roosevelt said? She said, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." I am sorry to burst, but it is not the others who have made fun of you, it is you who have degraded you and given them the shame of freedom.

I understand and agree that a "slim and lean body" with the "perfect abs" became the new "vogue" but that does not does not mean that you must comply with the standards set by the company. Let people call you big, shapely, fatter, obese, chubby or with any other similar word that suits them. You can exercise if you wish, but do not starve yourself to death because someone has told you so. Give yourself treats that you like; you can nibble on a cheesy pizza with fries and chocolate if you wish, or you can just sip some juice if you like. Do not forget that the life you lead is yours and that no one has the right to judge you according to your height, the clothes you wear or the food you eat. Relax!

As for me, I learned many things – it took several years to accept my body fat and to understand that there was no definition of the perfect body. Lean or skinny people will always find reasons to call me by name

The kind of negativity that revolves around plus size does not annoy me. I believe in self-love, my size does not bother me anymore. I would like to say to people who are too friendly to me, "I'm not going to waste your time here!"

Believe me when I tell you that you are going to feel extremely confident and comfortable if you learn to proudly wear your curves. Remember that you are a beautiful, healthy woman and that no one can take it off.


Source by Kritika Modgil

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