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Looking for your best day of your wedding is not an easy task. There is so much junk that can be forgotten or poorly taken care of. From hair makeup, there are six common mistakes when it comes to your wedding beauty. I will give you the skinny on what to avoid and how to solve problems.

The first beauty mistake includes the application of eyelashes. A little extra eye is a good thing. Just make sure that you have a selection of eyelashes class that is applied correctly. You do not want to choose eyelashes that divert the attention of your face and directly on the eyelash. They should complement your features. Make sure to apply them correctly. Different eyelashes have different application instructions and they must be followed very carefully. Nothing ruins a romantic moment like a glance falling from your lid.

If your wedding hair includes curls, make sure your curls are in place and that none of them feather to the outside. Loops that unfold to the outside give the impression that your hair is unfinished and made in a hurry. A veil may be in place, but it will likely come off at the reception, so make sure all the hair is in place before the veil goes down, so minor changes are needed at the time of release .

Bronzes and bronzes are the next malfunction. Some women want to look like they have been kissed by the sun on their wedding day. It's fine and in most cases it's beautiful. He takes a turn when the color comes out orange. Being orange is not only unattractive and unnatural, but it can actually come up against your hair and wedding colors. Make sure to test your tanning options in advance.

Hairpins are another look at the hair accident. If hair pins are needed, they should match or come as close to matching your hair as possible. In addition to this, they must be applied under the hair so that they can not be seen. If they can not be applied tastefully under the hair, they should try to be replaced by a decorative bar.

Blush to your pink cheeks can make you look very flattering and add to your bridal brilliance, but just like tanning and bronze, you do not want to do it too much. Too much pink on your shoulders pulls your cheeks and shoulders to the attention. Go for a sweet and pink cheek is classy and classy.

The lip pencil is designed to be transparent with your lipstick. Being able to see where your lip pencil starts and stops is another mistake. Your lipstick should match the lining and compliment the rest of your makeup. It is important to remember that it is a global look, set up, sexy and classy.

All these beauty mistakes are small and often not taken into account in wedding planning because they are extremely important. You want to remember your wedding for everything that has happened, not all the mistakes that could have been avoided or repaired.


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