Weird And Unusual Wedding Venues


Every bride and groom wants their wedding to be special and unique and one way to create a unique wedding is to choose an unusual wedding venue. Young couples have married at unusual places such as ferry wheels, but here are some unique places that most of us would never consider.

Heads in the clouds

A couple from the UK decided to swap vows while standing on the wing of the plane. In fact, the bride and groom each stand on the wing of their own plane and the pastor performing the ceremony was still on a third plane. The bride Katie Hodges and her fiancé, Darrien McWalters, loved watching the couple's relatives who listened to the ceremony aloud. One has to wonder how the couple felt when they heard the words "You can now kiss the bride."

In fact, the couple exchanged rings and we guessed kisses at the reception. However, you have to ask yourself if they kissed the ground first at the landing.

I would travel to the ends of the earth for you

This may not be the end of the earth, but it must have been for the guest the Nepali couple who exchanged wedding vows at the top of Mt. . Everest Although there have been several short presentations on this wedding, it is difficult to find a description of what the bride wore. The couple removed oxygen masks long enough to exchange greetings and pictures were taken but there was not much time to enjoy the view as the couple was only at the top for 10 minutes.

Death Separates Us

Jason and Rachel Storm, of the United States, have chosen an unusual venue for their wedding and reception. The family funeral home. This place gives a whole new meaning to the couple's promises "until death separates us". In fact, friends and family members were swept away by the place where the couple had to promise that there would be no coffins or corpses during the ceremony and reception. One may wonder if the couple used Lilies as part of their wedding table decorations and exactly where these flowers come from.

Let us fall

Trisha Esteppe and Tire Henderson decided to exchange greetings at the place where they met and where they worked. A McDonald's Full service wedding was done just steps from the counter where guests were receiving their happy meals. Everything would have been perfect if Ronald McDonald had been the best man. Bet the guests were surprised when they received a small fry for their wedding favor with the question "Do you want me to super size that!"

Several people also tied the knot in Absolute Ice bar in London. While many consider it to be a strange place, the photos actually show this bar to be an ideal place for a romantic wedding. How could one resist to dress like Cinderella and get married in an ice crystal palace?

Keep in mind that there are many truly unique wedding venues without going to the extreme. The main thing is to say those wishes that makes you a man and a woman.


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