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Are you interested in miniature furniture, but the Victorian era is simply not your thing? Try to create a miniature world in the middle of the century. Modern but vintage at the same time, doll houses with modern period furniture offer a break from the traditional Victorian doll house. Their bright and primary colors provide a visual "pop", while sleek and clean lines are distinctly modern, making it an excellent choice for those not attracted to frilly details of the Victorian era.

Scandinavian-style miniatures have existed since the mid-twentieth century, when the Swedish toy manufacturers Brio and Lundby built electrified two-story furniture houses with smooth plastic furniture. Inspired by trends in the world of interior design, these doll houses with furniture have been designed to mimic the popular fashion of the era and interior design styles. The modernist designs created between 1950 and 2000 reflect the spirit of Nordic life and have an innocent and childlike appearance that many doll house lovers find attractive.

How can you start building modern and Scandinavian doll houses?

A new book, "Scandinavian design in the dollhouse" by Yvette Wadsted and Ulf Beckman, examines the popularity of Scandinavian miniature furniture. To create the perfect frame for your modern miniatures, start with a contemporary ranch home kit. The "Brookwood" is a great option for those trying to recreate this mid-century modern aesthetic.

For a perfect modernist home, paint the exterior and rooms with bright contemporary colors, rather than the silent tones of a Victorian home. You may even want to paint the siding or accent walls silver to simulate a metal finish. Next, add clean plastic and metal furniture, as well as modern fixtures. Provide home with furniture suggesting modern era, such as molded plastic chairs, simple tables with straight legs, and aerodynamic sofas without the flourishing of earlier furniture design periods. Inspire yourself from your own home, from the one in which you grew up or sets of TV series. Or visit Mini Modern ( http://minimodern.blogspot.com/ ), a blog about modern mid-century dollhouse furniture, for ideas.

If you are more accustomed to decorating your doll houses with furniture with ornate details of the Victorian period, try your hand in a modern style house. The sleek lines and smooth interiors will offer a design challenge even for the most experienced miniature enthusiast.


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