Welding Jobs: Ideas that you can use at home to make money from welding (no boss while you make $ 100,000)


What if you could earn $ 100,000 a year in home welding?

What if you could earn $ 500 more a month at home, using your current skills? If you are a welder with basic welding skills and you are between jobs or underpaid in your current job, it may be helpful to read this article – think outside the box for a minute to find out how can do the welding money from home.

From Welding House # 1:

The teaching or tutoring of any skill is a very profitable business. In any city of any size, you will see at least one tutoring company in a brick and mortar location. In this same city, there will be at least a dozen other tutors who will work from home, earning a lot of money.

Yes, most of the time, they give math and reading lessons to students. Relax and think about your skills that can also be used in a tutoring business that you can set up and milking, such as a cow's milk.

Let's say you are good enough with TIG to solder razor blades can butts.

If you can teach a non-welder how to run a TIG torch good enough to continue and practice alone at their home in about 3 hours of their hands on theirs – they will pay up to $ 100 l & # 39 hours for 3 hours of TIG instruction. Only 2 students a day would bring you $ 100,000 a year. If you think I'm kidding I'm not! There are many reasons why education is so valuable – and this includes intense and focused welding tutoring.

6G soldering is the most profitable of all welding certifications – most 6G welders earn $ 100k to $ 300k a year. However, if you are a 6G welder and want to stay at home, you can install and teach 6G in your garage. Let's say you do this with 7 students, each paying you $ 10,000 for a 3 month course. Yes, they will pay for it – especially if you show them how they will have more time with your hand on theirs (the # 1 secret to quickly learn 6G).

From Welding House # 2:

I was at Palm Springs the other day. I've been in and around trades for 30 years … and when you see a trader truck and it's late model without dents or a lot of scratches, clean, organized and well equipped, it means (99 % of the time) this guy

I pulled up behind such a truck – "Joe's BBQ Service and Repair". That's all – that's all Joe does. It will weld cast aluminum or steel. He will clean and polish. It will replace a burner or a control. OR he will buy your old unit and sell you or sell a new one.

Yes, you need a city with a lot of upscale barbecues. Otherwise, go ahead.

From Home Welding # 3:

Large steel cut-outs. In the art of all kinds, size matters. For example, 20 years ago, we bought two coat hangers of 4 "long – each is a piece of 1.5" x 1.5 "x 1/8" angle. 4 'long with 6 horse skates welded to the corner to hang the coats.

On the horizontal surface of the corner is welded a scene made of 7 horse and 7 cut trees.We paid $ 185 for each of those 20 years ago … it would be about $ 300 a dollar coin today.

The problem with you is that the 14 cuts of each unit are too small to be cut by hand – you need a computerized plasma table to make them.

Here's where the magic of size makes all the difference. 19659002] L & # 39; artist who drew the cutouts on our coat rack was good: each of the 7 horses is different and beautiful, as well as the trees, all – or all – the cutouts can be enlarged with chalk on a sheet of paper. e say 4 "x 8" x 3/16 "steel. Now, all you need is a plasma or an oxy torch to create the big version.

What would a horse cut from a sheet of 4 "x 8" sell?

$ 300 to $ 700. It depends on where you are and how you market it. Marketing is a big part of any business. Good marketing is not difficult – you can do it.

You can see, if you could get a "business pipe" full of inventory and sales and you deliver 2 horses a day, you could easily earn $ 100k. The other great opportunity with big breaks is the doors. The key to all these things in the art category is beautiful line art. If you are not an artist, hire one on the condition that they sign the copyright.

There are countless ideas for using your most basic welding skills in the home to make a living or just make money. The trick is:

Step A:

Find What's Right for You

Step B:

Write a simple attack plan. Do not put the cart before the horse. Many small businesses fail because the owner gets all wrapped up in the details and loses the site of what is important. Here is what is important: Do not spend money – MAKE MONEY!

Step C:

The first business rule is to get noticed. This is also the ultimate goal of any marketing – once you have enough eyeballs on you, you will succeed. The common mistake is to leave marketing for the last time while focusing on every little rule and piece of paper. A commercial license will not do you anything if you do not earn money! Save your money and get it (if you really need it) when you make money. Cities will simply say, "Do you have a commercial license? When they ask, say, "I get one now."


You are lucky enough to live in a country where you can go from nothing to something in a hurry. However, to get ahead quickly, you have to run hard. You will never regret it.

What should you do next?


Source by Scott R. Linden

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