What Are The Benefits Of Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions?


Eyelash extensions are very popular nowadays. They are now considered indispensable for dressing up for a party or for adding a touch of glamor every day. With so many choices on the market too, false eyelashes can be as subtle or as dramatic as the desire of the individual concerned.

For those who love eyelash extensions, there are now new and avant-garde semi-permanent techniques. become popular.

The reason is that this kind of lasting beauty treatments have a number of benefits for those who choose to get them – and are surprisingly affordable. Here are some of the main benefits of semi-permanent eyelash extensions compared to more temporary options.

Firstly, semi-permanent eyelash extensions – such as those applied by an experienced and qualified specialist esthetician – have the advantage of being expertly fixed. to your natural eyelashes with the use of specialized techniques and products.

Many beauticians performing eyelash extensions now use a very high quality medical grade glue to individually fix eyelashes, which means that they integrate perfectly with what already exists. with a glue that ensures that no irritation occurs and that everything stays exactly in the right place

Secondly, the eyelash extensions of a beauty therapist may be of far superior quality to that of the purchased products in store, without huge price difference. no more. Many specialists will use faux mink or luxurious silk in their treatments, which will yield incredible results that can not be matched by standard items purchased at your local store.

Silk eyelashes are perfect for The real mink is exceptional for a lighter look and a more natural look. Your beautician of your choice should be able to give you more detailed advice on how you are aiming.

A third advantage of semi-permanent eyelash extensions is that they can often be easily adapted to tastes and requirements. of the person undergoing treatment. While store-bought products typically come in standard sizes, lengths, and thicknesses, a beautician will be able to apply eyelashes individually to create a fully personalized look.

This can make a huge difference in the achievable end results. Even if you are not looking for a natural look and prefer something more dramatic and theatrical, getting eyelash extensions from a beauty therapist who knows how to accentuate your unique eyes will lead to the best results.

When it comes to getting semi-permanent eyelash extensions, it can be much more expensive than buying fake lashes at the local beauty shop and applying them on their own. same. This type of beauty treatment has prices as low as £ 25 for a more natural look, and only £ 55 for a full set of thicker eyelashes and top quality extensions. When you consider that the results will be quite spectacular and that they can last for weeks, the cost does not seem so high after all.

In all cases, opt for a qualified and competent esthetician. , and can show you a portfolio of work they have already done for their clients; This will help you find a technician who can give you the look you want.


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