What are the Double Glazing Subsidies?


Double glazing is an important product to help fight our environmental problems. The two glass panels that trap the air between them do not allow hot air to leave the property and cold air to enter. It also means that households do not need to use as much heat in their home.

I have also been informed that having the product in your property actually increases the value of the property. Personally, I thought it seemed like a good investment. I'm helping the environment as well as lower heating costs in my home and also increasing my property value.

This has prompted me to search the internet for this sentence. However, after a few hours, I realized that I would not be able to afford this product because of my current financial situation. When I was looking for the product however the same words continued to come from double glazing concessions. I did a quick search and found according to the websites that I might be eligible for a grant.

I have looked at some criteria such as: is my house regularly cold and do I have children? The best advice I received was however to contact my local authority to talk to them first-hand about this.

I was confronted by a very helpful person who followed step by step what I had to do. I have since recommended to my friends, but some of them have not been eligible and others say that the authority does not offer the same grant.


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