What Are the Serving Sizes on Keurig Coffee Makers?


Although the different models of Keurig coffeemakers have different options for cup sizes, they all have one thing in common: the buttons on which you press to make a cup of coffee have images of but sometimes it is hard to guess if a strange shaped cup will hold the volume of coffee about to be brewed.

How to avoid overflows or half empty cups? Use this handy guide to understand the four most common infusion options of the Keurig coffeemaker. While the most upscale models will offer three or four, some models will only offer one or two. Keep this in mind when determining what options are available on your Keurig coffeemaker.

6 oz – This will prepare the most intense cup of coffee. Although it's always designed to fill a full-size cup of coffee (the standard size you get for free at conventions and you stuffed the back of your cupboards), it will not fill it completely. This is a particularly useful setting if you like to have cream or sugar in your coffee, but you do not want to lose too much flavor.

8 oz – This is a normal cup of coffee. It will be moderately strong and will fill a full-size cup of coffee, with a little room for a tub or two of cream.

10 oz – This will overflow a normal sized coffee cup. You must beware. Perfectly suited to slightly larger mugs or small travel mugs, this setting is also good if you're not fond of extremely sturdy coffee. There will always be a strong flavor, but it will be much less strong than the two previous settings.

12 oz – This size is best suited for extremely large cups (such as the largest ones sold in coffee shops) or travel mugs.

Keep this guide in mind when you buy or use your own Keurig coffee makers. Knowing what these little flashing buttons mean can help you avoid spills or fill up your favorite cup.


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