What Causes Acne Blackheads and How to Get Rid of Them


Acne is a persistent skin problem so prevalent today. Almost all people, both teenagers and adults, feel acne. Dermatologists find that this represents 85% of all cases that they encounter each day in their clinics. The most common is acne blackheads or acne whiteheads, while the other type of acne that is the red acne bumps is the worst case.

Often, acne problems are the problem in adults and adolescents. Although, there are also those who suffer from red bumps of acne filled with pus. Both acne problems usually appear when the skin is not cleaned properly every day. By simply washing the face with soap and water, prevents the appearance of acne. However, there are people who still suffer from acne, even though they really take care of their skin. This is caused by the oil that is trapped in the hair follicles that manages to cause acne, despite the proper care that is given to the skin.

When the hair follicles of the skin are blocked, they still continue the formation of sebum or oily secret in the follicles. The oil should be released from the pores otherwise they become dense and sticky. When the oil is already in the weak state, it clogs the follicle and ends up forming acne blackheads, called comedones.

At acne, blackheads of acne should receive the appropriate treatment otherwise it would worsen. Without control, it would continue to harden, swell and present a bulge that would have a black or white color. There are people with acne who thought that pinching blackheads would eradicate it, however, this method is not an insurance considering that some cells could be damaged in the process . Although there are some who have managed to get rid of their acne blackheads by pinching alone.

There are safe and natural ways to eliminate blackheads from acne, one of which can easily be done at home. A mixture of water and baking soda can be used to treat acne. Once the mixture is done, it can be applied to the area where acne is present. It should remain a little while to allow the mixture to settle on acne. After a while, water can be used to rinse the face mixture. The acne actually adheres to the mixture and is carried away with it. A soft cloth soaked in the mixture can also be rubbed on the face to eliminate acne.

Another method to eliminate acne is to mix lime juice and cinnamon. This can be applied before going to bed and could be left on the face until the morning. You can also opt for honey and lemon juice. These preparations are actually natural methods to eliminate acne and are also known to restore skin health.

Acne is a skin problem that can be cured and it is not necessary to panic whenever it appears. However, preventing this by regularly washing the face is much better than the implementation of treatments when acne appears.


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