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It is rather disturbing that most of the things we take for granted in our daily lives can be responsible for some negative effects on our health. There are so many things that can cause acne that we take for granted. I guess after reading this document, we will be better informed and will work to get rid of the acne that we have been forced to wear on our skin all this time.

One of the main factors responsible for the onset of acne was impurity. An impure way of treating the skin is very responsible for causing acne on our skin. When your skin is not properly cleaned, you will have dirt and oil on your skin. The presence of oil and dirt causes blockage of the pores of the skin. The oil will then be retained in the skin and will serve as a growth platform for the bacteria responsible for the onset of acne. If we want to prevent acne, we will do well to always keep our skin as clean as possible in order to rid the skin of oil and dirt. This will make the skin very uninhabitable for any form of bacteria.

A cause of acne had been the hypothesis of puberty. There are so many activations that occur in the human body when someone reaches puberty. These activities have been implicated to lead to the appearance of acne on the skin of the individual. During puberty, there are certain hormonal changes that occur in the body. These hormonal changes lead to the overactivity of the sebaceous gland. This will cause more oil to be produced due to the expansion of the gland. The increase in the oil produced will result in the trapping of some of the oil in the skin. Trapping helps bacteria grow on the skin. This causes the formation of pus under the skin to the point where the oil is trapped. The pimples or acne then follows.

A bacterium responsible for acne is Propionibacterium acne. It is true that this bacteria is not the one that causes acne. It has however been implicated to make the condition worse than normal acne; This is what leads to the cause of severe acne on some affected people. This bacteria produces chemicals on the oil that has been trapped in the air follicle. This then alters the normal composition of the oil and makes the oil somewhat irritating to the skin. This then leads to the cause of acne.

One factor that can lead to enlargement of the sebaceous gland is stress. When an individual is stressed, more hormones are produced by the human body. The hormone is responsible for the enlargement of the oil gland, which leads to the production of more oil and the possibility of some of the oil boiled increases. The bacteria then takes from there.


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