What does it mean when he says you are special! Learn the true and real meaning behind this


Having said that you are special is a breathtaking experience especially since the one who said it is your most cherished man. There are, however, many different meanings to one word, so the special word could mean a hundred different things for different people.

You are special because you are the only one.

and now he has found his soul mate in you. The special word means that he did a search for a woman with whom to spend his time.

You are special because it really takes care of you.

Most of the time, men say that you are special if they feel deeply in love with you. He must express his overwhelming emotions for you, that's why he says that. It's probably the most raw of all the reasons why a man would tell you that you are a special person.

You are now his.

A man who tells you that you are special to him can only mean that he is already owning you or marking you as his. He says that so that you reserve for him. It's his way of telling the world that you are now an object.

The special word is a supplement for the word love.

Sometimes a man can be so shy that he will not even be able to tell you how much he likes you. Just so that it does not seem to be serious from the beginning, it would tell you, for the moment, that you are special to him.

You are special because he appreciates your talents and skills.

This guy must have been struck by your sweet voice or your cooking skills. So what prevents it from saying that you are special because you really are? Not too many women may be good at painting, scaling, or even knitting, so it's natural for him to appreciate these things about you.

Saying that you are special, it's like curbing your accelerated emotions. This guy is just cautious when he says you are special. He does not want you to think that he is not interested but at the same time, he also does not want you to think that he is already engaging. He holds back his deep emotions for the moment so that he can have time to evaluate his feelings for you.

He's just a gentleman.

This man is just trying to please you but, in reality, you are still not the one for him. He's just nice to you since you're a woman and so he says the most amazing word he can think of.


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