What Equipment Do I Need To Open A Salon Or Barber Shop?


Opening a hair salon or even a salon can be hard work. There are many rules and regulations governing the industry generally defined by state councils and city codes and ordinances. Many cities have specialized barber educators who are licensed to teach in their store or school and have a thorough knowledge of what is needed in your city to manage a non-violation store. They usually like business and like to talk about it. If you can seek their support, you will have an advantage to start.

Let's talk now about learning old fashion and research yourself by reading the rules and regulations. The best sources for finding information about specific requirements come from your state board or regulatory board. However, you still need to process your city or city building and occupancy codes to obtain a "Certificate of Occupancy" approval. We have compiled an alphabetical list of states and their web addresses related to the regulation of styling and cosmetology. Remember that each state requires different elements, but that some important safety items have been used: a sharp container (disposal of used razor blades), certificates / licenses and a MSDS for each chemical used.

Let's start with the basics or MUST have items:

· A combo washbasin / shampoo chair with hot and cold running water

· A barber chair, chair or chair , one per person [19659002] · A hand or hood hand dryer with or without the chair

· A workstation (wall mounted, fixed), per person

· A disinfectant container with disinfectant solution or sterilizing

· Wardrobe for Clean Towels and Supplies

· Receptacle for Used Napkins

· Receiving

· Floor Mats

· Child Raiser

The best places to get the information you need about the equipment required for a salon or hair salon is your local chamber of commerce and your state office.

The following links are intended for all state commissions:


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