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What Happens During a Table Shower (Body Scrub Massage)?

Table showers (or “body scrub / body wash”) provide a truly invigorating and relaxing experience. Better yet, aside from a pampering moment, they bring a lot more to the “table” in the form of health benefits.

While many people may have heard of showers at the table, many do not know exactly what they are, or what they can expect during a day.

We hope to help you bring the details to your attention so that you feel comfortable getting one in your local massage spa.

Where do the table showers take place?

Most massage spas tend to have individual / private shower rooms where you receive your shower table. The facilities may differ from one company to another, but virtually all will have a massage table in the center of the room that has been covered with a waterproof coating (usually plastic). Fresh towels are placed on the table before each session for hygiene reasons.

Some shower rooms have a number of showerheads placed directly above the table that provide the recipient with a water-based massage or a cascading rain effect. Others feature hand shower heads that your masseuse will use for your session.

What should I wear during this type of treatment?

Normally you do not wear anything. but state laws generally require that you be covered at all times for the duration of your session. It’s the same as most massage therapy regulations, except that instead of being covered with a sheet, your private areas are covered with a towel.

What is table shower treatment ? The service is a great way to keep your skin healthy and clean, because you are usually rubbed from head to toe (except the most obvious areas!) With a sponge / cloth for exfoliation or a scrub / cleanser for the skin. body. Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from your body to expose the fresh and “younger” skin underneath. This helps prevent acne, ingrown hairs and improves the overall appearance and health of your skin.

Once you are lying on the table, your masseuse will shower your body with water at the temperature that suits you. Then comes the body scrub with gentle massages. This not only helps to cleanse your skin, but also to increase your blood circulation and cause a state of relaxation. Once finished, the last rinse comes. Most spas with table showers will also shampoo your hair if you ask for it. Why not?

On average, most table showers last between 30 minutes and one hour.

Where do they offer showers at the table?

This service is available at your local spa health center, spa massage or salon. In Los Angeles, body scrubs are common to Asian massage facilities throughout the region. If you’re not sure, just take a look at the company’s website or call it to find out.

The next time you go to your local massage spa, why not try this therapeutic and relaxing experience?

If you live in the South Los Angeles Bay, U & I Torrance Massage invites you to come and enjoy our service Table Showers Los Angeles . We are confident that once you are introduced to this type of treatment, you will not regret it. We hope to serve you soon!

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